17 Things Those Who Don't Leave Home Without Eye Make Up Would Know


We all like make up... However, this lovely adventure can be a bit messy sometimes. For those who don't like make up, you won't understand the troubles we go through to reach the perfect eye. 

One can never have enough eye shadow palettes for all we know!

1. When your favorite eye shadow is running out... Please don't 😢


You can buy the same palette for these two colors. That's not weird at all.

2. You want all of these palettes. No! These are all different colors!

3. Sure, you do swatch on your hand before you buy something!

4. When your brushes are this perfect, you must do some make up!

5. These are the ones who save the day by fixing our mistakes!


6. And they are also good for winged eyeliners.


7. Everybody does that, right?


8. When you forget to firmly close your eyeliner and of course you shook it...


9. You get your money's worth!


I think this is good for another couple of months!😎

10. You thought you finished your make up and good to go. Well, think again.

11. That sneeze with the perfect timing... Everything is ruined :(

12. When you have to clean up your perfect eye make up before you go to bed...

We cry just like this 😪

13. Some days those make up wipes are not enough...

14. You follow a million make up accounts on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and other pages.

15. But when you try that make up you just saw on Instagram...

16. That tutorial seemed easy until you do this weird thing...


How could they make such perfect lines 😔

17. When you had the perfect eye make up despite all the effort...


Don't get too close 😏

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