17 Things Only True Lovers Would Understand!


It all starts with being a good listener and goes a loooong way with understanding each other...

1. You can understand each other without speaking a word...

2. You’re already there for them, every time they want you to be!

3. You're not their everything, but you have everything they want!

4. When it comes to little surprises, you're way more creative than all those recommendations in magazines.

5. You're good at both talking and listening, so you solve your disagreements before they get out of control.

6. You always listen their version of the story in order to prevent misunderstandings...

7. You don't imagine the worst when they don’t reply to your texts right away!

8. You're not afraid to express your feelings...

9. You always show how much you care.

10. Your relationship is not a game. You don't need tricks, plans or tactics to make it perfect.

11. You don't try to change them. You love them the way they are.

12. You don't need to be with them all the time; you can respect each others’ personal time.

13. You understand that Jealousy is NOT a sign of love.

14. You don’t obsess over their past, you focus on the present and future.

15. You don’t treat them like they’re your “property.”

16. You don’t have to put forth extra effort to remain honest and faithful. It comes about naturally.

17. You know what they are thinking before they say it.

You don't have to try to have fun with them. Being together is more than enough.

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