17 Terrifying Urban Legends From Japan That Will Give You The Creeps!


Buzzfeed recently published the most terrifying urban legends that belong to the Japanese tradition. Here are 17 of those nightmare-like legends that will creep the f*ck out of you! 👹👹👹

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com

1. Slith-mouthed women


The legend: The wife who was murdered by her husband comes back as a ghost to haunt him. When she asks you "Am I beautiful?", she will slit your face with scissors, no matter what your answer is!

2. Daruma-san


The legend: You might be visited by a girl without eyeballs who fell on the bathroom floor. That's why you have to be careful with people who randomly appear in your bathroom.

3. Hanako-san


The legend: If you knock three times on the bathroom door, you might see a hand behind this door and this hand might be bloody.

4. Onibaba


The legend: The scary monster Onibaba can shapeshift into an elderly woman. He steals the hearts of everyone around him as an old woman and haunts everyone around him by cooking and eating them.

5. Teke Teke


The legend: A Japanese woman falls onto the rails one day. A train passes over this woman and her body is divided into two. The upper part of her body runs in the streets by using her hands. If she catches you, she won't hesitate to tear you into pieces.

6. Kiyotaki Tunnel


The legend: The length of this tunnel changes each hour of the day and there is a mirror inside the tunnel. If you look at this mirror and see a ghost, chances are you'll never get rid of it and suffer till the end of your life.

7. The Akaname


The legend: Akaname is believed to be a demon who lives around the bathroom. So next time you're sitting in the bathroom, expect Akaname to show up and grab your leg.

8. The Red Room


The legend: This banner could appear on your screen any time. According to the legend, when a banner like this one appears on your screen, you immediately hear a voice behind you saying "Are you enjoying the red room?" and you are found dead following it.

9. The Girl From the Gap


The legend: The girl from the gap is hiding behind the walls of your home. If you ever spot her, she'll ask you to play hide & seek with her. When you accept her offer, she'll take you to another dimension. She is known to have super strong staring skills so you can't run away!

10. Kagome, Kagome


The legend: This one is actually a game. A group of children are sitting down with their eyes shut. Another group of children are circling around the first group and singing songs to scare the others. Another version of the game was played during the civil war. However, those children had very scary faces after playing this game.

11. Manga Ibitsu


The legend: When you're walking in the street alone in the middle of the night, a girl approaches to you and asks "Do you have a sister?" Whatever your response is, she is stuck with you as a sister now. This girls accuses you of not being a great sister and kills you. The only way to avoid this is to run away whenever you see her.

12. Makura Gaeshi


The legend: Makura Gaeshi can show up around the beds of the children who are sleeping alone. It takes the pillow under your head and puts it under your feet for no specific reason. When the children wake up, they find their pillow under their feet.

13. Onryō


The legend: Onryō is a ghost who is known to hurt people. This legend inspired the famous movie The Grudge.

14. Kashima Reiko


The legend: Kashima Reiko lives in school bathrooms. If you ever see her, she starts to asks questions. You have no chance of not replying these questions as she cuts you into two if you don't answer her immediately. Whatever your choice is, she shows up a month after you see her, so there's no running from her.

15. Aka Manto


The legend: The next time you're using public restrooms and you spot blue and red toilet paper, you have to be extra careful. If you pick the red one, you'll be torn into pieces and all of your clothes will be soaked by your own blood. If you pick the blue one, you'll drown in water until your face becomes blue. The only chance of survival is to say "yellow."

16. Tomino's hell


The legend: When you read this poem out loud, terrifying things will happen to you. You are free to read it from the inside however your survival is not guaranteed. It's best that you don't read this poem at all. 😊

17. Hitori Kakurenbo


The legend: This game can be translated as "hide and kill." A spirit who has gotten into a doll wants to play this game. If you accept the offer, it will kill you!

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