17 Optical Illusions To Melt Your Brains!!!


An optical illusion can be simply defined as something that looks different than it actually is. These optical illusions will surely shake your sense of reality. If you don't believe us, go on see it for yourself! 😎

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/...

1. A GIF that tweaks your perception!

2. Focus on the plus sign in the middle.

3. What do you see in this picture?

Many adults see a couple while children see 9 dolphins.

4. Can you find a man's face amongst these coffee beans?

5. When you have a close look at this, the floor starts to collapse😱

6. Is this dancer turning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Is she changing her direction?

7. Look at this GIF for 30 seconds and you'll see Van Gogh's starry night!


8. These two squares are actually in the same color! If you don't believe us put your finger over the horizontal line in the middle!👈

9. Blink your eyes rapidly.👀 Alternatively, shake your hand quickly in front of the picture.👋👋👋

10. Those spirals you see in green and blue are actually same color.

11. Those orange circles are actually the same size.

12. Though it looks like a drawing, that's actually a statue in New Zealand.

13. Focus on the yellow dots and soon after they'll dissappear!

14. Those two creatures are actually in the same dimension.

15. Where's this guy?

16. Watch this video for 45 seconds and look at your palm!

17. ✍😱

Is your brain on fire? GOOD!😅😇

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