17 Most Common Features Of Asexual People

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Of course, there is no rule that everyone should like it, even though it’s sex. So what are the common features of those who don’t like it? Here are 17 of them:

1. They don’t like to make physical contact at all.

2. Cuddling and watching a movie is a more fun and relaxing activity for them.

3. They consider sex to be a messy and sticky activity.

4. It’s a disgusting experience for them to see other people’s sexual organs.

5. Sex is a duty for them, like grocery shopping, instead of something they get pleasure from.

6. It’s their biggest nightmare for someone to see them naked.

7. Sexual talks to get them in the mood are more like weird talks that get them out of the mood.


8. Their sexual discharges are the things they hate and that disgust them the most.

9. They consider sex to be a boring activity and a waste of time. They always wonder why they can’t just hangout without having sex.

10. Their fear of the possibility of a pregnancy makes them think like “We shouldn’t do it at all, it’s not necessary.”

11. When they have sex just to satisfy their loved one, they act so well that they deserve an Oscar.

12. They think about questions like “Am I good enough?”, “Does he/she like it?”, “What does he/she think about me now?” that they want to run away from the stress sex brings to them.

13. They feel extremely guilty after having sex.

14. The ones who have a child approaches sex like “Sex? Who needs that?”

15. Their biggest slogan is “Why so much work for such a small amount of pleasure?”

16. They have panic attacks when they get that close to another person.

17. And this situation leads them to the question : “Why am I not normal?”

Someone tell me now, what is normal?

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