17 Insane Barbie Doll Look-A-Likes


It's now normal for the internet to come up with Barbie doll look-a-likes. Endless plastic surgeries, thousands of dollars, plenty of make up materials... Being a real time Barbie takes a lot of effort and energy. The only thing we are sure of is that it is a serious obsession. Here are 17 extreme examples of real life doll transformations.

1. Lhouraii Li


This lady is a 23 year old nail artist. In order to look like a real Barbie doll, she does make up for 4 hours everyday. Moreover, she shaves her eyebrows and redraws them. In order to transform into a Barbie doll, she uses 14 different accessories.

2. Jenny Lee


Jenny Lee decided to transform herself into a Barbie when she was 26 years old. Before she turned 30, she had gone through 33 different plastic surgery operations. She is suffering from many health issues and has chronic pain.

3. Sarah Burge


55 year old Sarah is a previous Playboy model. Sarah can be described as an extreme plastic surgery addict. She constantly has botox injections. She claims that this is the only way she feels better about herself.

4. Rodrigo Alves


Rodrigo is working as a flight attendant. He's spent more than 305 pounds for plastic surgery up to this day. He wanted to transform his body into a Ken doll, so he had 42 different plastic surgery operations.

5. Nannette Hammond


42 year old Nannette's childhood dream was to be like Barbie. She eventually made her dream come true, though she had to spend $$$500,000 for this. Nannette is also a mother of five.

6. Blondie Bennett


38 year old Blondie uses hypnotherapy to look like Barbie alongside the plastic surgery operations. (We don't understand, either.) Blondie states that her decision to be a Barbie doll dates back to the times when she was 18. A co-worker accused her of behaving like a Barbie doll and she decided to be one. (What?!)

7. Celso Santebanes


Celso's story is different, compared to others. When he found out about his terminal disease, he wanted to make himself happy by transforming his body into a Ken doll. He spent over 50,000 dollars for this transformation.

8. Heidi Montag


1986 born Heidi got famous through a TV-show that is broadcast on MTV. She is now a singer and a fashion designer. She's had 10 different plastic surgery operations.

9. Anastasia Reskoss & Quentin Dehar


20 year old Anastasia and 23 year old Quentin met at a party. Anastasia claims that she had over 100 Barbie dolls when she was a child. Quentin adds that he was never interested playing with cars. The result is this...

10. Dakota Rose


Dakota is a 1995 born young lady. She is has a YouTube channel on style tips and make up tutorials. She only uses make up to transform herself to Barbie.

11. Venus Palermo


Venus is another YouTuber. Her specialty is turning herself into a doll through make up. She covers a lot about being a Barbie on her channel.

12. Anastasiya Shpagina


The Ukrainian young woman is one of the most extreme examples of living Barbies. She hasn't had any plastic surgeries to this day. However, her make up routine takes hours everyday.

13. Alina Kovalevskaya


Another Ukrainian member of the Barbie dolls, Alina is a psychology student. She hasn't had any plastic surgeries either. She is using contacts to get the Barbie look.

14. Justin Jedlica


The 34 year old model is an American with a Slovak descent. He has implants all over his body, except his face. He even had to face the fear of losing his eyes because of his passion. He is the most extreme Ken doll look-a-like in this world.

15. Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova


Ukrainian Valeria is 29 years old. Her body is 60% percent similar to an actual Barbie doll. Her friends state that there is an unbelievable difference from her past looks.

16. Lolita Richi


Lolita has nothing to do with plastic surgery. Her body naturally looks like a Barbie doll. She is behind a recent social media craze in Russia. Lolita's biggest supporter and photographer is her 33 year old mother.

17. Angelica Kenova


26 year old Angelica is declared as a Barbie in Russia, where she currently lives. Angelica's mother noticed her resemblance when she was just 6 years old. Her measurements are quite similar to a Barbie doll's body.

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