17 Heart-Breaking Photos Showing How F*cked Up Our World Is!


The difference in people's lives in different regions is way too big. There are people who don't even have access to the most basic things, like clean water. The relief funds don't seem to do the trick and some people just have to have a way worse life, just because they happened to born in a specific country.

1. People who say "There is no justice in this world" are right. Why? That's why!


2. More than half of the world's population tries to survive on less than $2 per day.


3. According to the most optimistic estimate, the number of people who have to get by with less than $1 per day is 1.2 billion.


4. These people struggle with famine, diseases and unemployment.


5. And, at the same time, they struggle with undernourishment.


6. There are millions of people who are in need of clean (drinking) water.


7. 4.6 billion people living in developing and under-developed countries can't lead a normal, healthy life.


8. 2.4 billion people can't receive regular health care service.


9. Every year, more than 11 million children die because of preventable diseases.


10. When this is the case, people who over-consume go on with their lives with indifference.


11. It shouldn't be that hard to empathize with people who don't have enough to eat.


12. Because this life is not what they prefer. They are sentenced to this, just because of the countries or families they are born in.


13. We continue living, unaware of others who live in poverty.


A mother, who had to sell her kids in 1948 in the USA because she couldn't take care of them, is hiding her face in the photo.

14. There are some people that make their day with the food that we think we are too good to eat and throw away.


15. When the world is in such a state, most of the people, countries and even NGOs go on being troubled with other artificial problems.


16. Everybody who respects the equality and life rights of humans has to do their best .


Because this is what humanity requires.

17. We can all contribute to elimination of poverty, even a small bit, by being more responsible.

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