17 Features Of Guys Who Shave Their Heads After The First Hair Loss!


Ok take a moment and think about Bruce Willis and how he had that wavy hair around Blue Moon times. And then take a look at him after his 40s. Notice anything missing? Just like many other guys, Bruce also shaved his head when he started losing hair. But what is it really about, that so many guys end up choosing it? Let's find out!

1. They're practical. They think and act fast.

2. This is why they're good at their job and get noticed quickly.

3. As oppose to their active career life, their private lives are much more subtle.

4. Family is extremely important! They're the perfect father and husband.

5. For them, rules are NOT to be broken. You don't see them bursting with anger or saying fuk da police and doing extreme stuff.

6. Open minded, yes, but highly adventurous, no...

7. They're always straightforward. They don't like sugarcoating things.

8. Avoiding chaotic or dramatic situations is the key for their happiness. They avoid conflict as much as they can.

9. Mood swings are often seen. But then again, we must accept the fact that this is actually a mid-life crisis.

10. They don't like spending time on their own, and they fear being left alone.

11. The importance of loyalty...They're very, VERY loyal to their partners.

12. They're usually funny and have a witty sense of humor. But they don't like making jokes in public.

13. They don't avoid responsibilities, and they do whatever is necessary.

14. Oh and these guys perform so well when they're under a lot of stress.

15. Looks are important to them. Why would they shave it in the first place? They're always clean and well-groomed.

16. They take advice, yes but they only do things they deem right.

17. They're very helpful, merciful and loving...

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