16 Unknown Details About Cannabis


Cannabis once was the most important plant on the earth. In time, it's side effects came to the surface and it was banned in most places. 

These are some fun facts about the unknown features of this plant!!!

1. A land of cannabis can create as much oxygen as a forest which is 25 times bigger than itself.

2. An acre of cannabis is enough to create as much paper that can be created by a 4-acre forest.

3. Cannabis can be transformed into paper 8 times. A tree can only do this 3 times.

4. A cannabis plant is fully grown in 4 months while it takes 20-50 years to grow a tree.

5. Cannabis can clear the air of radioactive material.

6. Cannabis can be grown in any part of the world and it doesn't require much water.

Moreover, cannabis doesn't require any agricultural pesticides as it can protect itself from the pests.

7. If textile products from the cannabis were widespread, the agricultural pesticide sector would dissapear

8. The first jeans ever produced were made from cannabis. Also, the word "canvas" is used to describe the products that are made from cannabis.

9. Cannabis is used for the treatment of over 250 diseases.

AIDS, cancer, rheumatism, insomnia, etc...

10. The seeds of cannabis are very rich in protein. The seeds contain two unique fatty acids that cannot be found anywhere else in nature.

11. It is very cheap to produce cannabis plants. Even cheaper than producing soy beans...

12. The animals that are fed cannabis don't require any external hormones.

13. All of the plastic material can actually be made from cannabis. This material is also good for recycling.

14. If a car chassis was made from cannabis, it would be 10 times more durable than steel.

15. Cannabis can also be used for insulating buildings.

16. Beauty products and soaps made from cannabis are not harmful to the environment.

Bonus: Cannabis flavored ice-cream exists!

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