16 Things That Prove Being Single Is Awesome

> 16 Things That Prove Being Single Is Awesome

Yeah, being with your loved one is nice, but being alone is also cool.

1. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Nobody will try to control where you are going and when. If somebody tries to, it will cause a fight; so you also avoid possible fights and drama. Cool!

2. You won't have to deal with bitchy people.

Of course, we put up with our loved ones' whims, but only to some extent. It is better to not have anybody to be sick and tired of.

3. Because you don't have to devote any time to anybody, all your free time is just yours.

If you happen to find any free time after work or other chores, you also have to struggle for somebody else. Ugh! Even typing about it is tiring. Your extra time is then just for you. How awesome is that?

4. Nobody will bring you down.

Let's say you are happy and your loved one is going through a very tough time. This will mess up your mood and you won't feel as happy, if at all. When you are alone, if you are happy, you are happy. Simple!

5. Your bed is all yours.

You won't have to fight for the blanket or get a rash in summer because of cuddle-sleeping. You can go as free and crazy as you want!

6. Your money is all yours.

Any social activity outside costs for both parties. When you are alone, you spend just for your own happiness.

7. You won't go crazy with jealousy.

The suffocating questions like 'Who is that girl?', 'How do you know him?' automatically disappear.

8. Less responsibility, more happiness!

Even when you are just responsible for yourself, you can still not manage perfectly. Just let it go.

9. You don't have to lie when you don't have anybody to lie to.

Big or small lies trouble you. After all, it is deceiving a person that you love. You can deceive yourself all you want when you are alone and it is perfectly fine!

10. You aren't obliged to text with somebody all the time.

You are free of Whats App, sending text messages, or questions like 'Why didn't you write 'good morning' to me?' 'Why haven't you replied for the last 40 mins?'  Your fingers will be grateful to you.

11. You also have the opportunity do some obligatory physical activities in peace.

At the end, we are all humans; there are some things that our bodies force us to do. We have to resist to those with our significant other, and can finally go crazy once we are alone. You know it's true.

12. You won't have to put up with bad habits of anybody.

You just suck it up and deal with the bad behavior of your significant other that you would not take from anybody else. You would just nope the f*ck away from those people. You suck it up until it gives you cancer.

13. You always have a chance to experience the excitement of the first couple of dates.

Even when you aren't in a relationship, you can still have this phase, which is even better than a relationship itself. And you can prolong it as much as you want.

14. You won't have to go through a break up or the drama of a break up.

Seeing that it isn't working out with the person you love, not being able to end it, and the regret-like feeling when you do end it... Even reading about it f*cks you up, doesn't it?

15. Forgetting to celebrate anniversaries and other special days, and being b*tched at because of that is no longer an issue.

You won't have to deal with stupid shit like the 73rd week-anniversary of getting to know each other for the first time or the 1000th hour after first time you held hands.

16. Most importantly, you will stay out of the idiocy called 'Valentine's Day'

And that's how you won't be a part of the capitalist system and its cheap games.