16 Moments You Truly Enjoy Being Alone


Sometimes you just want to be alone.

1. When you can finally focus on your book, without any distractions.

2. When you are on a getaway trip, far away from the stress of citylife.

3. On a lazy Sunday, after an intense week.

4. Travelling only with a camera and back-pack, to discover new places.

5. When your noisy guests finally leave you alone.

6. Getting on your bike and wandering the streets you have never been on before.

7. Coming back home from work as your earphones play some nice music, and you feel the satisfaction of finishing the day’s tasks.

8. On a morning run that you couldn’t keep pace with anyone.

9. Going alone to the theater to watch the movie you’ve been waiting months for.

10. When you need to study hard for an exam, or prepare for your next work day.

11. When you do something, and you know people will judge you for it.

12. You desperately need to sleep and are too sensitive for even the smallest noise.

13. When you don’t feel like answering to the things you wish you didn’t have to hear.

14. After ending an exhausting relationship that was making you feel like someone else.

15. When you realize that you can act the way you like when you are alone.

16. When you need to be on your own for serious life assessment or decision-making.

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