16 Highly Innovative Masterclass Kissing Techniques!


You think your sex life is bad? Feel like your gentle kisses fail to turn your partner on? These brilliant new techniques will definitely improve your intimacy, and will make you a better person. Now bear with me.

1. Starting with an easy one: The 'Leg On Shoulders' technique.

2. The 'Curse Your Opponent Before A Fight' technique.

3. The 'How To Remove People From Your Selfies Without Using Photoshop' technique.

4. The 'Hannibal In An Elevator' technique.

5. The 'Hypotenuse' technique.

6. The 'I Actually Don't Know How To Kiss' technique.

7. The 'I'm Gonna Kiss You, But First Let Me Suck Your Soul' technique.

8. The 'Hyperfast Pug-Lick' technique.

9. The 'How To Make Your Baby Hate You Even Before Puberty' technique.

10. The 'Photosynthesis' technique.

11. The 'Drugs Are Bad For Your Health' technique.

12. The 'Smartphone Addict' technique.

13. The 'Trust Me I'm A Plastic Surgeon' technique.

14. The 'I Appreciate And Acknowledge What You Are Doing' technique.

15. The 'Oh Man, That's A Toyota' technique.

The 'I Think Papa-paparazzi Is Here, Darling' technique.

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