15 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman With Small Boobs


We wonder why on earth some people are so eager to talk about boobs, especially small boobs. Every flat-chested woman must have at least once heard one of the sentences below (most likely, all of them). Here are those 15 things you say that drives women with small boobs insane.

1. “Oh you’re so lucky! You don’t have to wear a bra.”

Excuse me? Do you actually think that gravity has no effect on us?

2. “I think you should wear push-up bras.”

What's your point?

3. “Have you ever stuffed your bra?”

Are you really asking this?

4. "Have you ever considered getting a boob job?"

Some of us are happy with the boobs we have. If I ever feel like asking your opinion about my boobs, I'll call you. Now, bye.

5. "What's your bra size?"

Have I ever asked you anything about your IQ?

6. "Oh I think small boobs are so cuuteeee!!!"

I saw what you did there. So they're not sexy. OK.

7. "Men like curvy women."

No, not all of them. Besides, why the hell should I care what THEY like? It's MY body. And, did it ever occur to you that I might not be interested in men AT ALL?

8. "My boobs were small too, you know."

OK then.

9. "Are you on birth control pills? You should be. It’ll make your boobs bigger."

Go. Away.

10. "I think you shouldn’t wear t-shirts. They’re making you look masculine."

Go ahead, tell me what to wear, what to eat, where to go, when to die.

11. "Are you feeling insecure?"

Hell no!

12. “At least you don’t have to keep your boobs from throwing you off while you workout.”

At least you blah blah blah...

13. "How do you even find a bra that fits?"

How do YOU find a bra that fits?

14. "If I could, I would’ve given some of mine to you."

Thank you, no thank you.

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