15 Things Women With Small Breasts Are Tired Of Hearing!


Okay internet, first of all, do not go crazy because you saw 'women' and 'breast' in the headline. This one is a serious topic. There are no pre-definitions of how our bodies are supposed to be, and we are all sick and tired of hearing people relating beauty to breast size.

1. "Hey, at least you don't have to wear a bra!"

Gravity effects everyone you know, right?

2. "No worries, there are support bras!"

What are you trying to say?

3. "Do you fill your bra with something when going out?"

Is this for real?

4. "Have you ever considered plastic surgery?"

No thx. Bye.

5. "What's your bra size?"

What's your IQ?

6. "Hey, small tits are cute!"

Thanks honey, but they can be sexy too!

7. "People love curves!"

Not everyone is the same, dude.

8. "You know what? My tits were small too"

Yeah I bet so...

9. “Actually, I've heard of this pill that makes your tits grow...”

Oh my god no...

10. "Don't wear that t-shirt; it makes you look like a boy!"

This is 2016 and you still saying this?

11. "Does it make you feel unconfident?"


12. "It should be comfortable when climbing steps!"

It shild bi cimfirtible......

13. “You know there is this brand called Victoria's Secret?”


14. “I'd give you some if I could…”

Wow thank you. Such generosity.

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