15 Of The Most Common Myths Busted!


Do bananas really grow in trees? Did Einstein actually fail Math as a student? Do we really need to wait 24 hours before reporting someone as missing?

We thought you may wanna hear the truths about all these popular myths, so we compiled these interesting facts shared on Imgur for you.

We bet you always believed some of them were true until you see them here! 😱

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/1pdxw

1. Just wait before swimming 🏊

2. Adding salt to water to make it boil sooner. 💧

3. Oil to prevent pasta from sticking toghether? 🍝

4. How do dogs sweat? 🐕

5. "Albert Einstein failed maths at school"➕➖➗✖️

6. "The Great Wall of China is visible from from space." 😱

7. Having to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing. 👮

8. Human-dinosaur coexistence 🐉

9. Different tongue parts for different tastes? 👅

10. 5 Senses 👻

11. "Ten percent of the brain" myth 🤕

12. Banana trees. 🍌

13. "Don't drink milk if you have a cold" 🍶

14. "Bulls hate red" 🐃

15. "If you shave, your hair will come back thicker"

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