15 Master-Strokes From People Who Are Ninjas of Problem Solving!

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Here are hilarious photos that show just how ingenious people can be when they’re in search of a good solution!

1. This is the easiest way to transport your clothes!

2. Slaying onions!

3. At least this provides some comfort on the plane!

4. A simple yet effective way to watch The Office or anything else for that matter

5. Use a straw to get the butter at the bottom of the popcorn

6. Hooks have many uses.

7. How to fix a broken laptop hinge!

8. 1 hanger to rule them all

9. How to make sure you’ll never forget your keys

10. Drilling always makes a mess. Well, not anymore...

11. A homemade sprinkler

12. How to keep your paint can clean

13. When hanging something with 2 hooks, use painter’s tape to get exact markings. Then simply hammer in your nails and peel off the tape.

14. How to bake 2 pizzas at the same time

15. Prevent shoulder bumps by hanging your sweaters like this

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