The Ultimate Food Challenge: Can You Go Through This List Without Losing Your Appetite?


We all love food. We also like different cuisines and trying new things. I can see you nod your head. But sometimes the situation isn't that innocent. Let's see if you can get through this list without losing your appetite.

1. Mmmmh chicken feet ..

You can find chicken feet in your plate if you're in Asia, The Caribbean, South America or South Africa. They're softened with a special sauce because otherwise they would be very hard to eat.

2. Eye of the tiger, just kidding. Tuna fish.

In Japan, they eat the eyes of big tuna fishes. They say that the taste is very similar to octopus or calamari.

3. 100 year-old egg?

Yep, it's very popular in China. We can say that the fans only complain about the odor.

4. Crickets...

It's a common thing to eat bugs in China, you can find them at street food vendors. Of course they like crickets too.

5. Warning: graphic content!

Tarantula or black widow?

6. Like it's not enough to make boots and bags out of crocodiles...

In some parts of the world, crocodile meat is as popular as chicken meat. For example, Austria, South Asia or Africa...

7. My mom said you can fry everything...

Here's the snake fry that looks like frog legs. Some people love it, some people hate it, I don't know what to say...

8. They even eat Pokemon...

It is stated that the important thing about eating a starfish is to crack the shell and reach the green meat inside.


A live chicken embryo is a snack eaten with beer in the Philippines. It's usually boiled while the chicken's alive in the egg. Dude.....

10. Does anybody wanna eat the sperm sac of ringa fish?

Well I'm only asking because I'm full. Japanese people love it!

11. The heart of a cobra.

I don't know, it's a very small meal...

12. Turtles couldn't "run away" from being eaten either.

Turtle soup served in America, Singapore and China, and is hopefully not made out of the ninja turtles...

13. If you prepare the fugu fish wrong, you can kill somebody.

It has to be prepared carefully. So if you want to risk death, you can eat the fugu fish. Interesting.

14. If you don't wanna throw away the dead wasps in your backyard...

You can make a cookie out of them like they do in Japan.

15. And lastlyyy, some balls.

Rocky Mountain Oysters that are eaten in the USA are deep fried and served with sauce. It is basically bull testicles.

Do you want me to take the menu? What would you like to order?

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