15 Comments Pet Owners 'LOVE' Hearing...


You never know what these people go through if you have never fancied having a pet. It’s not something you can just easily understand. This is why we have this list put together for you so you can try and put yourself in their shoes and look at it differently. Time to be more thoughtful!

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1. They despise all your clothes being covered in hair.

2. They never understand you treat your pet like your own child.

3. They even suggest getting rid of the pet when you are about to have a kid.

4. Most common reactions are: “Ugh how do you deal with the smell? Doesn’t it get too dirty?”

5. Everyone is now an expert and they say animal hair can be very bad for your health.

6. They don’t want to come over so often.

7. And if they do, they want you to lock your pet away.

Honey that's the rug, dog is locked in, don't worry!

8. They immediately ask you to wash your hands when you play with them.

9. Or they encourage you not to touch or go after street animals.

10. They see all the money you spend on your pet as a total waste.

11. When you start sharing all the cute photos of you and your pet, they ask if you are too lonely or gone mad.

12. They say you won’t be able to have a family because of this intense love you have against animals.

13. You never find someone to look after your pets when you are off to holidays.

14. It’s as if you could have found a solution to the hunger in Africa if you spent more time and money on it.

15. When people say they don’t allow pets to their home or event, you feel furious but stunned at the same time. Weirdos!

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