15 Annoying Statements Driving Men INSANE!

> 15 Annoying Statements Driving Men INSANE!

First, you should kill for a man who loves you even through all these. Others will run away. Men have experience by being exposed to all of these. We hope it doesn’t give you ideas of how you need to act…

And, of course, you’re welcome.

1. Ask him things that he can’t do and blame him for it.

He won’t be able to stand this for too long.

2. Blame everything on him; don’t forget that you’re perfect.

Make him believe that you’re perfect. Cry constantly because of the things he(!) is responsible for.

3. Don’t let him create his own world. Ignore his privacy.

Try to convince him that everything he likes is bad, like the books he reads and actors he likes. Put your nose in everything…

4. Listen to him, but never understand what he says.

-Baby, what does contumacious mean?

- Someone rebellious, who rises up against things

- What does rebellious mean?


5. Compliment him on things, people, stories, movies, places and ideas that he doesn’t like.

You should do this regularly.

6. Expect him to sense everything, as if he has telepathic abilities.

Because he has the ability, but prefers not to use it.

7. Scream at him in public, saying insulting and hurtful things and make fun of him.

Do this, for sure.

8. Talk about your ex-boyfriend and make comparisons.

Make him believe that he’s wrong all the time.

9. Constantly ask where he is and what he’s doing, but never trust him.

He should know you don’t trust him. After a while, he’ll stress himself out with the fear of making a real mistake.

10. Take him out shopping, make it last for hours and pay thousands for something stupid.

Make him pay, if possible.

11. Approach him and act like you’re going to have sex. After foreplay, turn your back and go to sleep.

He’ll never get what is happening. His masculinity will get hurt and he’ll wonder all night what he did wrong.

12. Act like you like him, then step away. Tell him you love him, then dump him. Come back, and dump him again. Love him when you’re drunk, then dump him again when you sober up. Maintain the circulation.

One of the most effective ways I’ve ever seen. Most of you are very successful at it, we know.

13. Force him to do things he doesn’t want to and like the things he doesn’t like.

14. Underestimate his achievements; never show respect to him.

He’ll understand how useless he is.

15. Leave him all alone during his most desperate times.

When someone dies in his family, or when he gets sick… It's your biggest chance. He’ll most probably try to commit suicide and will never be able to get over it.