15 Alluring People Who Can Bewitch Us With Their Freckles


Freckles are mesmerizing. Admit it, at some point, you adored those little freckles on your nose. Well, these people are taking that feeling to the next level. Here are 15 freckled people who will bewitch you with their original looks.

1. Freckles are usually found on people with fair complexions.

2. Like people with red hair...

3. Why?

4. Because pale-skinned people normally have less melanin.

5. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to eyes, hair and skin.

6. So how do freckles appear?

7. Freckles are generally inherited...

8. But the sun brings them out...

9. The sun's utraviolet lights causes melanocytes in your skin to produce more melanin.

10. And this creates freckles, while making the existing ones darker.

11. For this reason, freckles appear darker in in the summer...

12. And lighter in the winter...

13. There are different types and shapes of freckles...

14. But they all look beautiful...

15. And bewitching...

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