14 Things You'll Experience Once You Start Chasing Your Dreams


Once you decide to take that first step on the way to reaching your dreams, the rest of the journey will be easier...

1. You'll be out of your comfort zone.

Your routines, habits, and everything you have been doing for years without questioning.. They'll all change! You'll find yourself in an entirely new world; and you will be quite anxious.

2. You'll be afraid.

Being out of your comfort zone will scare you. You'll feel like you are drowning in a sea of uncertainty. You will be very confused with the million questions and worries in your mind regarding your future.

3. You'll have doubts.

You'll start questioning whether your decision was right. "Why did I change my routine?" will be the question you ask yourself most. You'll consider giving up many times before it's too late.

4. You'll consider less risky options.

Not being confident in whether or not you will succeed will prompt you to start considering safer options that offer you a less risky journey, but don't take you to where you want to be.

5. You'll question your own sanity.

There will be some times that you ask yourself questions like: "What is wrong with me? Am I out of my mind? Why did I leave my comfort zone, my routine, doing what I know best, and start such an adventure that only god knows where it will end?"

6. You'll feel as if you make people around you unhappy.

Not only yourself, but also people around you will start questioning you. While even you are not sure of your decision, you'll always feel the skepticism of your family & friends, and this will make you feel like you worry or make them sad.

7. You'll discover how smart and productive you can be.

As you start reaping the fruits of your labor, and overcoming all of the challenges, one by one, you will be surprised by your own intelligence.

8. You won't know how far you can and will go.

No one will tell you how high you can fly. The sky will be your limit, but most of the time, you will be surrounded by clouds.

9. You'll meet new people that share the same dreams as you.

And you will find the company of other fellow 'journeyers,' who share your dreams and thoughts, and who want to go there with you...

10. You'll learn to be patient.

You will realize that patience is the greatest of all the virtues.

11. You'll see that your basic needs are somehow provided.

You'll learn that most of your fears in the beginning were false as you see you can provide your basic needs anyway, and life is not that cruel.

12. You'll taste "success."

As you proceed and succeed, you will meet the true taste of success and victory. This will give you confidence and happiness.

13. You'll ask yourself "Why did I wait so long?"

Then one day, you will ask yourself: "What took me so long to do this?"

14. Then, you'll try to help others before it's too late for them...

You will start 'saving' others and encouraging them to follow your example, and go after their dreams.

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