14 Things to Learn from Babies


Our relationship with babies is actually mutual. They teach us as much as we teach them, if we can realize it. For those who do not, here are 14 things to learn from them.

1. A good sleep cycle is everything.

People who have babies know this, and others know from watching the ones who have them. The biggest concern for little babies is their sleep routine. When the routine breaks down, it means the parents' whole day is screwed. So they become extremely careful to keep it right. When the baby gets a good sleep, she gets joyful, opens up for learning and eating, and becomes a happy baby. We need to get the idea that “A regular sleep pattern is everything!”

2. They fall & stand up hundreds of times, just to learn how to walk..

Not even just walking, they try their very best for days to learn the easiest things; to sit down, stand up, find balance, and take the very first step. They fall down, then they try again without giving up. This is a behavior emphasizing the importance of experience and something that shows us that we shouldn’t give up on anything we want.

3. They practice for days just to wave.

Waving is just an example; babies prepare for a long time to learn any physical move. Whispering to us not to forget preparation before we put ourselves into anything and reminding us to plan everything ahead.  Great things take time.

4. An orderly life is necessary for their development.

Order is everything for babies. Eating, sleeping, drinking, toilet training, playing, breast-feeding etc. As this order works well, baby gets healthier and more energetic, and things go well for you too. It is also the same for us too, as our lives are scheduled and organized, things work well, and the stress  level is reduced. The first thing we need to learn from babies is to have an organized life.

5. If there is something that babies don’t want, they do not hesitate to tell you.

Babies always reveal when they are uncomfortable. When they don’t want to be kissed, to be hugged, or to get fed when they’re full, they react immediately and start to cry. In other words, babies know how to say no, and are experts in rejecting things they don’t want. This shows us the importance of the ability to say “no.” When we don’t want something, instead of keeping things on hold, it’s sometimes better to say no directly. To be as peaceful as babies, we need to say things that make us uncomfortable immediately.

6. They hold on to things.

You won’t expect babies to be so physically strong, but they are. When they hold your finger or hair, it’s not easy to make them let go. This behavior is normal for their muscle development, but it also teaches us to hold onto things we love. If you have things to keep in your life, you have to hold on.

7. They’re not afraid of the loudest laughs.

There is a lot of research out there that shows the benefits of laughing. Babies never hesitate to laugh hard at the littlest things, like they know all the benefits of it. They also give us those positive vibes when they smile, making us happy and peaceful. We can’t find any other way to describe the power of positivity.

8. They can literally poop and sit on it for hours.

Yes, we can learn from this too. It teaches you to move on, instead of complaining when you think you screw up everything in your life. Broke up with your boyfriend? Got fired? Went into bankruptcy? Don’t be sad, don’t cry, try to move on. Those poops you left behind will get cleaned one day..

9. They express their wishes immediately.

When they get hungry or thirsty, want to sleep, they don’t wait for anything or anyone, they just show it very loudly. Maybe we don’t need to be that loud when we want something, but babies show us not to hide our desires. If you need or want something, don’t postpone it.

10. They proceed step by step.


They learn how to fall before they stand up and how to crawl before they walk. Babies learn step by step. We don’t know any baby who started to sit at 6 months old and then proceeded right into walking. This teaches us to be patient, and that the pathway to success is to move step by step.

11. The littlest things make them happy

Just making an awkward noise or preparing her favorite food is enough to make them smile. They don’t expect big things, and don’t make excuses to be happy. They know to be content with little things.

12. They repeat the things they learn.

They can actually repeat a new word 100 times a day without getting bored, because they know it will make them learn it permanently. This shows us that repeating is necessary for permanent learning.

13. They’re curious.

Babies are very curious. They never let go if they find something interesting. They like to discover by touching. They’re open minded, even if they’re afraid of it, they can’t stop themselves from exploring. Reminding us that the feeling of curiosity is a key to learning and discovering new things.

14. They go their own way.

Babies will put anything you give them into their mouth until the age of 3, because it’s their way to understand new things. They never change this behavior. Maybe this is their way to keep everything under control. Informing us to keep ourselves curious, but only up to a certain point.

Bonus- They all have that one toy or place to find peace.

This reminds us that we need a hobby or a personal space in our lives. Babies find peace in their mother’s arms or with their teddy bear. They tell us that a hobby or a place to find peace and rest is a must.

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