14 Life-Saving Notes Before You Meet Your GF's Bestie!

> 14 Life-Saving Notes Before You Meet Your GF's Bestie!

Meeting a girlfriend's best friend is an important test. Because a man might solidify the future of their relationship and the feedback she'll give your gf is crucial. It's just like taking a midterm that makes up 60% of your final grade. If you pass this, your relationship will enter a comfortable phase; if not, you will have to get at least 80 out of 100 to improve the bestie's negative opinion of you. We don't want to get you over-excited, but keeping these in mind while you are on your way to meet the bestie might help you.

1. The bestie knows about every fight you've had with your gf, and took her side each and every time.

2. They know all of your weaknesses and flaws and every time you acted like an idiot. They laughed their ass off because of these.

3. They know your weird habits too well; for example that you bite the sh*t out of your nails when you get nervous.

4. They are well aware of your weird taste in sex. Sucking the thumb? Ugh!

5. They know that you bawled like a lil b*tch at the end of the Notebook.

6. They're also very knowledgeable about your exes. They stalked you on Facebook for weeks.

7. The bestie might wear something revealing for your first meet up. Is that a test? Will they be observing what you are looking at?

8. They will roll their eyes the first time you kinda screw up. Your gf will hit your arm at the same moment and make a "warning" face. What are you going to do then?

9. After the meet-up, they'll start talking about you on the phone before you even get home.

10. They'll ask you questions of which answers you will not even remember yourself. "Is it the thing that you tweeted about? Yes, I have comprehensive knowledge about your Twitter account."

11. They are well aware of the power they have over you. They know that they can f*ck you up with just one word. They don't give a f*ck; however your effect on them is almost zero.

12. They will ask you the questions your gf never would. Your gf will try to back you up like "But Tracy, don't pressure my boo so much," but you will have to answer them.

13. They will ask you questions about their boyfriends, and you have to pretend not to know anything about this, because your gf "never told you about it.".

14. Your gf will go to the bathroom at some point, and you will be alone with the bestie. You are being tested every second. Be careful about what you are saying and where you are looking.

Bonus - When your gf gets back, she will ask "What did you two talk about while I was gone?" You need some material to answer this. Don't just sit there like an idiot.