14 Darkest Secrets Of The Loneliest People!


Some of us are still single while people are out there, enjoying their relationships. And the loneliest of 'em have some dark secrets to help them overcome the single life! Come take a closer look to their lives!

1. They sign up to all of the dating apps out there, and constantly check their notifications.

2. They take naked selfies in the bathtub to double check how sexy they look.

3. They try out all the hair styles out there because they've got too much time on their hands.

4. They love to imagine scenarios where they impress crushes with killer dance moves.

5. They always double check their clothing to see if there's a bad smell.

6. They usually lower their self esteem by insulting themselves in the mirror.

7. They check themselves out in the mirror five times a day, just for that tiny possibility of meeting someone new.

8. Stalking their exes is their favorite sport.

9. Their brains are quite noisy because of the constant chatter they do with themselves.

10. If there is nothing better to do, just chill and dig in...

11. You can observe a close relationship between them and their cigarettes.

12. Since they are on an "all you can eat diet," they don't have much patience for hunger.

13. Closing the door is not necessary when they pee, because no one else is around :(

14. "How many likes will I get for my new profile pic?" See: 'nolikeophobia'.

15. Bonus: They might turn from Leos to Chewbaccas in a second if you make friends with them. Give those fellas a chance!

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