13 Unwritten, But Must-Obey Rules


We are all a part of society and we more or less know what to do and when to do it. For example if we see a "No smoking" sign, we don't smoke. However, not everything is that clear cut, is it now? There are also some unwritten rules of social life. If you don't obey these, you might have a difficult time. 

Fear no more, we have come to help you!

1. Only cigarettes go in the ashtray, nothing else!

Not the lemon whose juice you used for your salad while eating out, no wraps or packages, or no trimmed fingernails while at home...

2. Unless you are having a health issue, never spend a long time in bar and restaurant toilets.


If it isn't that urgent, you might want to save your number two for home.

3. Don't walk in high heels or slippers at home late at night.


What you do at home is none of our business, but it is a dick move to your neighbors, especially on the bare floor.

4. Don't go to the bathroom when you are eating with a group and someone asks for the bill.


You don't need an explanation for this one, do you?

5. If you drink water from the bottle in the fridge, you are supposed to refill and put it back.


Because if nobody does this, how will that bottle get filled?

6. Don't open your legs like this on public transportation.


To put it in its simplest form, that's a douche-bag thing to do. You are violating other people's space.

7. You have to pick up your dog's poop, especially in public places like parks or residential areas.


Well, given that your pets aren't robots, their digestive system will have an end product. Especially in residential areas, you have to pick up your pet's poo with a plastic bag.

8. Don't insist on borrowing someone else's headphones unless you really, really need them.


You will put that person in a very difficult position. They will probably not want to share their headphones with you because of personal hygiene reasons.

9. If you have to stay over at someone's place as a guest, don't take a gigantic suitcase with you.


You don't wanna freak out the home owner by giving them the idea that you will be staying a loooooong time unless you have made a prior agreement with your host.

10. If your basket is as full as it can get, give your place to someone who has only one or two items and let them go before you.


Do you have to? No, of course not, but this is about being respectful and nice to others as civilized people.

11. If you hire people to do repairs and they work at your place for a long time, you buy them food.


Some people don't give any f*cks about this, but that's seriously uncool. Those people are working hard and long to get YOUR business done!

12. Don't use your own cutlery for the common plates.


Yes, all of us have at a point had serving plates with our friends. If you have a plate for yourself in front of you, use that.

13. Until a person puts their fork and knife on their plate, you don't clear their place.


Waiters know about this, because it is their job. But you also don't suddenly take your guests' plates away at home.

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