13 Types of Partners You MUST Avoid!

> 13 Types of Partners You MUST Avoid!

Human beings can’t stay alone. They just can’t. They have to socialize. And all that boyfriend-girlfriend husband-wife drama... I don’t know if it’s just basic biology or something we learn, but I know for sure that you don’t have to spend your youth on weirdos. Here are 13 BF/GF types that you should avoid if you want to be happy in the long run.

1. People who say “I love you” on your second/third/fourth/fifth date.

Let me get this straight: You can’t trust this type. It’s more common in men than women, to be honest. Who can just “love” somebody after a few days, for god’s sake?

2. Braggers/Interrupters

They go on and on and on about themselves all the time. They never listen to you. And when you just think you’re finally able to actually “talk,” what they do is plan their next story about themselves in their minds while looking into your eyes.

3. Mama’s boys/girls

3. Mama’s boys/girls

Well we love our moms too, but doing nothing without asking your mom first? I mean, you’re 20-30-40 something. Grow the fuck up.

4. People who just got out of a relationship and are seeking consolation in your arms

You deserve love for who you are and you don’t have to be someone’s own private shrink. Also, you don’t want to be compared to his/her ex all the time, do you? Run for your dear life.

5. People who are flirtatious with everyone, EVERYWHERE.

Aaaand, you’ll end up being the “paranoid” and “jealous” one. Please don’t fall into this trap.

6. “Picky” type

You know these people are hard to please. I mean, really hard. They can’t just like anything, and they make you question your own tastes, even your favorite movie.

This isn’t life. Get them out of here. Now.

7. “Chronically depressed” type

If you hate your life, go ahead, hang out with them. You're guaranteed to grow 30 years older in a few days.

8. Losers…

People can be “unsuccessful,” or they might not be able to hold onto anything. This is normal. What’s not is being completely OK with it. And dragging you into their misery. They don’t even try, and actually, they don’t want to.

9. “Know-it-all” type

How to pick good apples, what string theory is all about, etc... they know everything. But they can’t fix a broken tap. That’s a whole other story...

10. Penny pinchers

Well yes, very few of us are rich enough to not think about money, but these people… They count every penny and that will drive you nuts, as if they will be buried with it.

11. Workaholics

While you think you’re making the most romantic dinner plan, what s/he is thinking about is next month’s budget, or that very important phone call from some important Mr. Big.

12. “Moody” type

You’re chosen and special if you are able to communicate with these people because they only speak the same language as you when they feel like it.

You should be prepared for all of those mood swings if you reeeaaally want to be in a relationship with them.

13. Swearers

Yes, we shouldn't always be extremely polite or behave like we’re expecting the Queen of England to come over for dinner. But swearing all the time? Regardless or where you are or what the topic is? Please find someone more mature, people.