13 Things You Know If Your Romantic Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

> 13 Things You Know If Your Romantic Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

Having a partner is joyful enough, but things get even more special when you can call your sweetheart your best friend as well. Of course, there is no absolute right or wrong way to lead a relationship. What works for you is the right thing for you, but many people have found further joy in their relationships when they get married to their best friends. Love isn't all about making out, the hearts that pop out of your eyes, or the butterflies that fly in your stomach; it is also about sharing a life together. And what can be better than sharing your life with your best friend?

1. You always have fun and giggle together.

Although others don't understand this unending happiness, you just enjoy it, because what others think doesn't matter at all.

2. The harmony, energy, and chemistry between you two is easily noticeable.

3. Starting every single day with your partner makes you life more.

And nothing can be strong enough to spoil this.

4. Time goes by so fast when you two are together.

A power outage that lasts for hours, or boring dinners with coworkers... As long as your partner is next to you, time will fly away. Your significant other's presence just makes everything beautiful.

5. You are always honest with each other.

Lies and secrets have no place in your relationship. Neither of you lets anything cloud the life you share together.

6. You can be yourself around your partner.

You don't have to pretend or tense up. Your partner loves you and accepts you as you are.

7. You can communicate with your eyes.

One single look or mimic is enough for your partner to understand you. You no longer need words. You don't need anything extra to communicate in your beautiful and personal world.

8. Nobody gives each other a hard time and the fights never drag on.

Life is too short to fight. You know this very well, so you try to solve your problems instead of fighting. That's how you retain your peace.

9. You support each other in any way you can.

You celebrate each others' success and make every life decision together.

10. Small problems don't hurt your relationship.

You will not be destroyed or give up because of a minor setback. If one of you gets hurt, the other one will hold the other one's hands and continues fighting.

11. Your mercy for each other is endless.

Your partner is the one who waits by your side all night when you are sick, and  he/she is the on who brings you a plate full of your favorite fruit.

12. You are the definition of the term 'soul mates.'

People who are made for each other don't exist only in movies. You prove this to everybody with your existence!

13. You are always side by side, both in the worst and bad days.
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