13 Things To Note About Cat Or Dog Girls


Each animal has its own unique characteristics just like their owner. Being a cat or dog person is much more different than you think! Want to find out how you should approach your crush, GF or wife? Have a read!

1. Cat girls are cuter, dog girls are more genuine.

2. Cat girls don't like being alone, dog girls enjoy it.

3. Cats girls are tidier, dog girls are messier.

4. Cat girls usually use Samsung, dog girls prefer iPhone.

5. Cat girls are calmer, dog girls are more playful.

6. Cat girls prefer red nail polish, dog girls prefer black.

7. Cat girls drink wine, dog girls drink beer.

8. Cat girls use Tumblr, dog girls use Instagram.

9. Cat girls listen Lastfm, dog girls listen Spotify.

10. Cat girls read Harry Potter, dog girls read Lord of the Rings.

11. Cat girls eat pasta, dog girls eat pizza :)

12. Cat girls watch Breaking Bad, dog girls watch Walking Dead.

13. Cat girls love movies, dog girls prefer theatre.

Bonus - Cat girls love rain, dog girls love the sun.

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