13 Struggles To Relate If You're Not Photogenic!


Not all of us are photogenic. Some people look great in all photos but some other need to work really hard or wait for that perfect magical moment to look good in a photo.

1. It’s your biggest nightmare when your friends share photos with you on social media without asking.

2. You try some poses in the mirror, but you can never succeed.

3. You constantly ask people questions like “Do I really look like this?”

4. You get really bad results when you try to pose like you’re not aware of your photo being taken.

5. The selfie is your lifesaver.

6. You try to run away from group photos.

7. There’s a huge gap between the way you pose and the way you normally look.

8. You prefer to be the one who stands at the far back and barely be seen.

9. Extremely bright filters are your best friends.

10. Getting a passport photograph is your biggest fear.

11. You get frightened when you see that you’re tagged in a photo.

12. It annoys you to know that you’re not that ugly in real life, but you look so bad in photos.

13. So you spend your time enjoying the moment instead of taking photos.

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