13 Secrets Each Side Keeps In A New Relationship


Let’s be honest.  Who among you really acts like the true "you" when you first start a relationship?  All of us hide some facts when the relationship is fresh because we think it’s cute and funny.  

Take a look at the 13 secrets we all keep in a new relationship!

1. Financial status

It’s not possible to get a healthy estimation of the other party’s income at the beginning of a relationship.  At first, you won’t spend a dime, but soon enough, you are paying for each other’s meals every day.  All of the dating advice for men forums are buzzing with that crucial question – “is it acceptable to borrow money from your GF?”

2. "Minor" flaws

People usually try to cover minor things like freckles, scars, height, and even length (not that it matters!).  As you start getting to know each other, you find yourself noticing more and more, including that gigantic mole!

Ah, love...

3. Intolerance

You make such a good impression in the beginning that your GF thinks you’d never say a word, even if she cheats on you.  However, after a while you get to the breaking point because she didn’t answer your text right away.

4. Impatience


You look like a perfect, polite and patient guy in the beginning and say that her past doesn’t matter, but after a while, even small sparks create total shit storms for you.

5. Your take on ‘sexy time’

Show me one single guy who cares about sex at the beginning of a relationship.  Can’t do it, can you?  Somehow, ever guy seems to be asexual at the beginning, but turns into a wild stallion months later.

6. Ex, ex-ex, ex-ex-ex-ex

For some reason, at the beginning of a relationship, you never seem to mention (or even remember) your ex and other past flings.  However, we all know that by the end of the first year, you’re already talking about your 16th.  Jesus!

7. Ignorance

You certainly know EVERYTHING she talks about.  All of her favorite bands, artists, books, and movies… You never tell her until later in the relationship that you have no idea.

-“What movie is that?  I don’t think I’ve seen it.”

- “Well, you told me it was one of your favorites!”

- Duh, I lied to impress you!

8. Tastes, hobbies

You present yourself as the kind of guy who’s a wine expert, extremely detailed, showers 6 times a week, and drinks water from a crystal glass.  However, in 6 months, that civilized gentleman has turned into Tarzan.

9. Short temper

When you still have that ‘fresh’ vibe going on, you kindly warn other dudes that stare at your girl, and then are done with it. After a certain while, you are ready to choke him right there!

10. Jealousy

Jealousy corresponds perfectly with time. You might think it starts as you move along but in truth, you had been hiding it all along very skillfully. 

-No, why would I be jealous?  He’s just your friend from high school, right?

11. Belly

You try so hard to suck your belly in that you lose at least 5 pounds in the first few months… If only you’d spend half of that effort on exercise!

12. Being natural

They never know how you look in your “natural” form.  When you wake up, the first thing you do is clean yourself up, even if you’re just going to the store.  However, after a while, you shatter that image by revealing your natural form, and she will be like “dafuq?”

13. Priorities

At the beginning of a relationship, your first priorities are yourself, your partner, your families, and your friends.  But after a while, betting, gaming, and drinking with your friends rapidly tops that list.  Your partner will always be first, but sometimes it’ll be hard to tell.

Bonus: Talents

He told you he’s a good dancer?  Take him to a friend’s wedding and check out his clumsy waltz and disastrous salsa skills.

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