13 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Go And Get A Pet!


Having a pet is much bigger a responsibility than you think. People make impulse buys, hasty decisions and adopt a pet just to leave it back on the streets when their interest fades away. This is so damn cruel...Because mainly, the pet you left behind refuses to eat street food or adopt to its new conditions. After a month or two, they get sick and maybe even fail to survive. :( All of this is on you and your inconsiderate act. This is why we give you these 13 questions so you can answer and see if you are ready to have a pet or not. 

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1. Do you have a sustainable income?

Because having a pet on its own is an actual expense. They require constant care and attention. If you won't be able to support its needs after a short while you shouldn't have a pet at all!

2. What do you know about the characteristics of that animal?

Please consider what you are going to put that animal through. Is it a breed comfortable enough to live in your studio flat? Or does it require being in the wild or constant love? If you don't know these, you will be actually torturing that poor thing.

3. Do you live with people and do they want a pet in the house?

This is such an important issue. First of all, check all the allergy possibilities. If the people around you won't be happy with a pet, your pet will end up feeling depressed, unwanted.

4. Do you have someone to look after them when you are on holidays?

Cats might be able to hold on their own for a couple days maybe a week with fresh goods. But dogs and many other pets cannot! You can't just assume you will find someone and make travel plans.

5. Are you ready to commit and take responsibilities?

We are talking about years, 5, 10 maybe 15 years of commitment. Love is knowing how and when to sacrifice. Are you ready for this journey?

6. A kitten or puppy is NOT a gift!

Do you gift a cat to a lovely person or do you gift a lovely person to a cat? Start looking differently!

7. Do you have a kid? What will you do about your cat when you have kids?

Pets are not a threat for little kids but it's more about giving the required attention to both!

8. Are you looking for a toy for your kid or a friend?

Next thing you know, they are kicked out of the house because your kid had enough. How fair is this on the poor creature?

9. How much do you love your couch?

They will start destroying your things. All your cables, your sofa, your precious vase and more. Are you ready to pet proof the place?

10. Do you find them cute only when they are little?

We are sorry but they do grow up! You can't help it. As they keep growing, so will their bond with you. So it will be harder for THEM to be away from you.

11. How about you visit some animal shelters before you buy a pet?

Just because you love animals, you don't have to have one. You can visit a nearby shelter and see if you feel up to the task and how happy they are to see you!

12. Are you going through a depression?

Don't think it's irrelevant. Most people just go get a pet thinking it'll help them get over depression. It's not a toy. What happens if these cats feel depressed by the time you are done with yours?

13. Do you feel like leaving things and going away?

It's not up to us to judge but if you feel like leaving, just drop the kitten before you do so.

Bonus - Even if you didn't answer all the questions correctly but you swear you will always have them by your side, just go for it!

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