13 Notes For Women To Help Keep Themselves Happy!

> 13 Notes For Women To Help Keep Themselves Happy!

We're living in an age where both men and women are constantly given certain social 'directions' on how to keep themselves happy, how to behave and how to dress up. To be honest, all rules are meant to be broken and here we'll give you 13 tips to help you ignore society and keep your inner self happy!

1. Learn how to say no!

Keep saying no over and over again. Well, not to every single thing but you know, to most of the 'friendly' requests. 

'No, I don't want to have some coffee with you sometime.'

'No, I don't want to see your place after we finish our drinks.'

'No, I will NOT make that sandwich for you.' 

All sound so epic, don't they?

2. Stop feeling social pressures, you should wear what you want and whatever makes you happy.

You don't have to look appealing or beautiful 24/7. Besides, what IS beautiful? The perception of beauty changes from decade to decade. Take a look at Marilyn Monroe...She'd be considered a tad overweight and out of style now. But back in her days, she looked timeless. People used to take medicine just to gain weight and look 'beautiful' back then! 

Go easy on yourself!

3. Don't be afraid to act selfish.

Don't feel like you have too much of everything and have to settle for it. You're not different from others and just like them, you want more. 

Of course you'll keep wanting more! It's your life and like everyone else, you deserve more!

4. Marriage and having kids are NOT your sole purpose in life...

The social norms of our time have relatively stayed the same. Get married, have kids, and enjoy your life in a 3 bedroom house/apartment with a Volvo in your garage. 

Just because society would accept you better, you don't have to get married and have kids. Women should focus on their careers when they want to. This doesn't mean you're against kids and marriage. It just means you want to make time for yourself.

5. Your new motto: "It's none of your business!"

No one has the right to judge you for your beliefs, clothes or behavior. Don't get caught up on destructive or shallow comments. Live how you want to live! 

Keep in mind: You're a woman, and all women are free-spirited!

6. Explore, travel, see new places!

Seeing new places and meeting new people will boost your confidence and widen your horizons. The world is your oyster! Don't be afraid to explore it.

7. Know your body!

Before expecting others to keep you happy, learn how to make yourSELF happy. Know what you want, and what you like. The rest will be easy!

8. Eat!

Don't hold yourself back! You only live once, so you should eat whatever the hell you want. Don't just go eat a garden salad to look skinny when you're hungry enough to eat a horse!

9. Don't work-out to lose weight. Work out to remain fit!

Keep yourself fit! Not in the name of fashion, but in the name of having a healthy mindset. Do little home exercises for like 10-15 minutes, 1-2 times a week to refresh your body. These little achievements will also help to boost your overall morale.

10. Don't put love in the center of your life!

Ever since we were kids, we were exposed to legendary love stories and how people lived happily ever after. But you know what? Life is not a fairy tale! So don't think you have to find your perfect love and find it very soon!

11. Older women have more experience and they usually share words of wisdom...

They've been there and they know what to do!

12. Keep your girlfriends close!

Believe in the power of sisterhood! They share your pain and they're always there for you! You go girl!!!

13. Never give up! Even if they say you're too loud or going over the line!

You only want what you deserve! It's totally acceptable for you fight for it! If your great great grandparents didn't fight back in the day, do you think you'd have your freedom now?!

Don't forget...

You're representing all the other women around the world, so you have to stand up and fight for them, too! Live happily and don't look back!