13 Mistakes Women Tend To Make In A Relationship

> 13 Mistakes Women Tend To Make In A Relationship

Your relationship graveyard is filled with different break-up reasons and incomplete relationships. Some die before they even get started, some after big efforts. Some big loves end just because of poor communication. But what is the role of women in these break-ups?

1. Thinking too much.

Even though I don’t like to generalize, I can’t stop myself from doing this one. Women think way much more than men, unfortunately. Women can’t enjoy life thinking about what their boyfriend is going to do or think if she does something, or if her words would hurt him.

2. Planning her whole life according to him.

Your salon reservation, gym hours, etc.. If you arrange everything according to him, if your priority is him, if your wishes come after his, this mistake is just for you.

3. Trying to be the protective mom of the relationship.

“Don’t get cold,” “He likes his egg scrambled,”  “Be careful, don’t hurt yourself.” I guess these would sound familiar. Don’t let the maternal feelings put pressure on you. You’re a woman, not a mom.

4. Failing to balance the levels of jealousy.

Jealousy is a normal feeling, but it causes problems when it starts to get annoying. It also wears you out from inside.

5. Forgiving all the mistakes.

'He didn’t mean that, he should have a logical explanation..' No, he doesn’t. It only encourages him to make more mistakes when you tolerate and ignore them.

6. Believing unconditionally.

We always believe. We always trust. We go the easiest way because we know if we don’t believe and question it, we’ll find things that will make us sad.

7. Trying to change him.

His character and behavior is obvious. Maybe this is one of the biggest mistakes we do in a relationship - Hoping that he’ll change, making ourselves believe he’ll become a better person...

8. Stepping back and hiding our thoughts to prevent a fight.

It wastes your relationship’s lifetime when you don’t talk and listen. We usually can't say the real reason of the problem. We pass them over but they are actually important.

9. Giving too much effort.

Striving hard for yourself, for him and the relationship. Sacrificing for something that won’t change anything if it doesn’t become reciprocal.

10. Making marriage plans if the relationship is good.

Marriage is something strange that comes when you’re not expecting it. We immediately start to dream of ourselves in those white dresses, just because the relationship was good for the first 5 months. Please, stop. Let’s enjoy it and go with the flow.

11. Wondering about the past.

It’s very important to know how he treated the women in his past and how he talks about them. You should talk about this at least once. Someone who doesn’t respect women from his past and talks shit about them won’t respect you either, but you should have a limit. Don’t ask him about his past relationships every couple of weeks, just because you get bored. Things in the past, are in the past. Enjoy the moment.

12. Keeping expectations high.

The higher we keep our expectations, the more we get disappointed and get heartbroken. His capabilities are obvious. Don’t expect him to do more than that.

13. Giving too much value.

Giving value and doing things for someone you love might be one of the greatest feelings and may be the best activity on earth. Maybe we are doing all those without expecting anything back. But seeing that he doesn’t give as much value as we give to him, we understand the fact that we gave value to someone who didn’t deserve.