13 Mistakes We Made In 2016; And Will Probably Make in 2017 Too


Yes, another year has almost gone by. It is the perfect time to think about the coming year, reflect on the one that is passing and make some decisions. As we all know, this is the tradition called new year resolutions. And again, just like every other year, every decision we don't actually apply in our lives will turn into a mistake. Too pessimistic? Well, I think you will agree with me once you read the post.

1. We will plan on starting a diet thinking "It is really happening this time," and we will get back to fast and junk food after 15 days.


Because that's what we do every year.

2. As we want to have a better body, we will sign up for a gym with a yearly contract, but we will be too lazy to go after a month.


Talk about instability...

3. We will definitely quit smoking in 2017 (meanwhile buying a fresh pack).


Let's come together and really quit this time!

4. Just like last year, we will promise ourselves to spend our money more responsibly, and even go as far as thinking about saving up, but then we will get through our first paycheck at the speed of light.


What is wrong with us? :(

5. So unlike before, we will decide that we won't be bothered by what others say. We will ignore mean people.


Damn those evil people!

6. We will want to quit our hateful job, but we won't because unemployment sucks.


Don't let people suck the life out of you!

7. We will also decide to drink more responsibly but end up mopping the floor with our own body at the first chance.


Well, in our defense, drinking is lots of fun.

8. And we will also set our minds to make more time for our hobbies that we neglected this year, and we will of course end up not doing such a thing.


A dance class sounds good but who has the time or the energy for that?

9. We will plan on reading more and spending less time online, but we will never ever let go of our smart phones.


Devil in angel's disguise: smartphones.

10. We will want to go abroad and see new places this year but we probably won't even leave the state we live in.


And all those flights are getting cheaper and cheaper...

11. We will definitely not let our romantic partner get on our nerves, but we will start planning the summer holiday in January.


Our lives run out faster every time we say "Sh/t happens," and actually take that sh*t.

12. We will definitely believe that we will spend more time with our family but will go out the first time a good friend calls to invite us out.


Sometimes we are indeed bad kids...

13. Just like every other year that passed, we will again not move to and settle in a small and cute coast town. We will give into the depressing atmosphere of big cities.


And this one is one of the biggest mistakes!

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