13 Facts That Prove Our Childhood Favorite 'Sailor Moon' Has Feminist Messages


As the Western media still struggles to create women heroes today, we were lucky enough to have an anime of a women heroes club in the 90s. Revolutionary anime Sailor Moon wasn't just the best thing that ever happened to our childhood, but it also taught us, little girls, many things. As what you see and learn has a huge effect on your personal development while you grow up, we are so thankful Sailor Moon happened to us. Here are 13 powerful messages hidden in Sailor Moon that made us into the strong and independent women we are today.

1. The fact that there is a 'heroes club' only for women.


Only women can fight evil and become a Sailor Soldier.

2. The power of the sisterhood...


All the sailors were empowered by each other's power and they got along well.
(Other than small and hilarious arguments!)

3. Sailors always supported each other...


They protected one another from the risk to their own lives.

4. They encouraged one another...


They always motivated the new Sailors and gave courage to them.

5. Sailors are away from the society's pressured one type beauty standards.

Every Sailor has a unique personality as well as an original look and style.

6. Sailors weren't scared to overcome life's obstacles by themselves.


They solved their problems on their own, without needing anyone...

7. Sailors didn't hesitate to admit their weaknesses..


Nevertheless, they never let those weaknesses hold them back and always stood up strong.

8. Every sailor had an independent life with their own special interests.


As free young women, they liked to improve their skills and hobbies.

9. Sailors defined themselves with clear lines.


What evil can break a woman who knows who she is and what she wants?

10. Sailors were at peace with themselves.


They were comfortable in their own skin and weren't afraid to act how they felt like acting. They didn't care what other people thought, even when they cried.

11. Sailors were always confident in themselves.


They believed they were beautiful and weren't afraid to say it.

12. The romantic relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptun.


The two empowered the LGBT community in the 90s. Which was a big thing.

13. The main idea of women heroes saving the world.


There are no evils strong women can't defeat. 🌙

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