13 Beauty Mistakes Making You Look Older!

> 13 Beauty Mistakes Making You Look Older!

Unfortunately, there is no beauty product that will make you stay young forever. However, you can avoid looking older by changing your make up routine!

Next time you put on make up, be aware of these mistakes!

1. Putting on a little too much make up.

When you're applying make up, try to adopt a 'less is more' approach. Use less make up to save your skin from harm. Don't forget simplicity is the new cool!

2. Starting your make up without using any primer product.

2. Starting your make up without using any primer product.

If you apply your foundation without primer, it causes a 'Cakey Face'. Every woman knows how terrible this looks. Always use a primer before foundation.

3. Not peeling your skin regularly.

3. Not peeling your skin regularly.

Peeling is very important for your skin. It's essential for skin rejuvenation and removing dead skin cells. Peeling can be irritating for sensitive skin at times. Find a peeling routine that matches your skin type.

4. Not drinking enough water.

You know how important this is. Drinking water is very important for your body and skin. Moisturize your skin all you want, if you're not drinking enough water, your skin will be dry and pale, no matter what.

5. Not using sunscreen when you go out.

Protecting your skin from the sun is exactly as important as moisturizing it. Sunscreen moisturizes and protects your skin from sun rays at the same time.

Don't forget! You have to use sunscreen everyday, not only on sunny days.

6. Not applying moisturizer and sunscreen on your neck and your hands.

Your neck and your hands are as important as your face. Take good care of all your skin to avoid traces of aging.

7. Not using hair conditioners and heat protectors.

Your hair is affected by the weather and hair styling products. Try to lessen the impact of these by taking good care of your hair.

8. Being strict about your haircut.

You can increase the volume of your hair by changing your haircut. Also, getting rid of those dead ends is priceless.

9. Using too much sparkling stuff in your make up.

Remember, less is more.

10. Not realizing how important your sun glasses are to protect your eyes.

Remember, always put on your sunnies if there is even a glimpse of sun out there.

11. Applying mascara on your lower lashes.

We all want to have bigger eyes. Don't turn your eye lashes into spiders.

Tip: You can have bigger eyes by applying a nude eye pencil inside your eyes. You're ready to go!

12. Using too much powder.

12. Using too much powder.

Powders are used for mattifying your skin. Don't overdo it. That will only bring out your flaws.

13. Plucking your eye brows too thin.

13. Plucking your eye brows too thin.

That photo speaks for itself, right? Remember this next time when you're ruthlessly plucking your eye brows.

Bonus: Not taking time to pamper yourself.

Aging is not only a physical thing. You have to take good care of your soul and your mind. Read books, spend time with your loved ones, travel often... Do things that make you feel awesome. That is the key element of staying young at heart!