13 Advanced Makeup Tips For Perfect Photos!


Would you like to look perfect in your photos?

If your answer is "yes" then have a look at these tips from makeup artists!

Here are 13 useful pro-tips that would help you take amazing photos! More followers and likes are at your door!

1. Start with your eye makeup first so that the tiny particles won't mess up your foundation.


2. Define the inner eyelid with a black eyeliner. This will help you get more defined looks.


3. Apply mascara as much as you like. Then, use a finished wand to separate the uneven piles.


4. Use a foundation that covers your skin well while providing a healthy glow.

5. Don't apply shiny colored eyeshadow over inner corners!

Although this trick is good for making your eyes look larger, it doesn't look good on the camera!

6. Don't underestimate the power of contouring and highlighters!


All of those celebrities know something, right?

7. Gently apply blush over your cheeks. The healthy look is perfect for the camera.


8. Fill your brows with the help of a brow shadow or pencil.


9. If you want to avoid your lipstick looking ragged in photos, apply lip balm before you put on lipstick.


10. Before putting on setting powder, clean up the extras with a piece of tape.


This might sound weird at first but many makeup artists use this technique regularly. This way, you can collect all the unwanted remains over your face without ruining your makeup.

11. A white background can create an awesome light for the perfect photo.


Who wouldn't want a photo that is purified from shades?

12. Figure out which angle works best for you!

If you look carefully at the world famous blogger photos, you'll notice a pattern. These people find out the best way to pose for their photos and use the same pose in all of their photos. Find your best pose by trying out!

13. Last but not least: Smile!


As Marilyn Monroe once said:

“A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear”

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