12 Tips for a Perfect Table That Will Amaze Your Guests


One of the most important aspects of delicious food is the presentation, with a table well made. 

The harmony of the plates and glasses are as crucial as the food itself. 

We compiled some tips for you to impress your guests and improve their appetites through table organization.

Don't put your guests in a tight spot.


Choose a table and number of seats according to the guest list. This way your guests will be comfortable and you will have easier access to serve your food.

Choose your table cover with care.


The table cover is the main aspect of a dinner table's beauty. Take care of choosing an aesthetically pleasing cover. 

You can choose a cover by the type of cuisine or the season.

Match the napkins with the table!


Even if the napkins aren't the same color as the table cover, you can make sure that they enhance the mood. It's easy to find all kinds and colors of napkins!

Elegant details are important.


For a dinner table, you can use pretty candles or a chandelier. For breakfast, fresh flowers are a good decoration.

Make sure no one waits to use the salt and pepper.


Frequently used spices like salt and pepper should be multiple and spread out depending on the size of the table. 

There should be sauces for salad, such as oil and vinegar, within easy reach of the guests.

Choose plates according to the food on your menu.


Place the main dish in the middle of the table. Put soup on top of the service plate.

The bread plate should be on the left top corner of the main plate.

Glassware should complete the look pleasantly.


Place a glass for water right above the service plate, and place the wine glass next to it to the right, if the menu calls for it. 

If you are having breakfast or serving tea and coffee, you can place the mugs or related glassware on the right side of the plate.

The spot of the silverware depends on the food.


To the left side of the plate, place in order the salad fork, main dish fork, and dessert fork (from closest to farthest from the plate). 

To the right side, place the knives with sharp end looking at the plate. Follow that with the soup spoon, steak knife, and fish knife, in order from closest to farthest from the plate.

For dessert, place the spoon or fork above and parallel to the plate.

An organized table adds a lot to the food's aesthetic.


Take care in preparing your daily meal's table as if you are having guests. Place your dish right in the middle of the table. 

Place your main fork and salad fork to the left of the plate, and the knife and soup spoon to the right. Place a water glass to the right.

Attention to small details in breakfast!


Always keep handy small accessories such as a small plate for your guests to put olives on, and a spoon for the jam.

If you are serving tea or juice, add a water glass on the side.

Everything on the table should be relevant to the food.


If you aren't serving soup, don't put a soup plate. You may place a plate for hors d'oeuvre instead.

Take special care for special days.

For big invitations, don't forget subtle details. Take care to place the silverware in a perfect line.

If you are using several glasses, place the water glass near the tip of the knife.

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