etiket 12 Things That Reveal Someone's Personality More Than You Think

> 12 Things That Reveal Someone's Personality More Than You Think

We usually try to figure out others' personalities by observing what they say, how they say it and how they look. However, everybody has deeper aspects, motivations, and beliefs that they prefer not to show. And we are here to tell you 12 details to look out for because they speak louder about people than you think!

1. The way they smile and get emotional.

When you smile sincerely, you get small wrinkles around your eyes and lips. But if the smile is forced, these wrinkles show up only around lips. Also, when people get more emotional, their eyes get watery and mouth starts producing more saliva. That's why people gulp more often when they get emotional. Observe and if a person doesn't show one of these signs, you have a good reason to doubt their sincerity.

2. The way they greet each other.

If a person you meet for the first time gives you a firm handshake accompanied by a smile, they are likely to be trustworthy and outgoing. If you are dealing with a person who lays their hand on your shoulder, it means that they are either attracted to you or they are manipulative. And if a person shakes your hand with both of their hands at the same time, they will either ask you for a favor or give you a secret.

3. How often they check their phone.

If someone checks their phone often, it means that they are bored. Yes, it is a strong claim, because most of us are quite addicted to our smart phones regardless of the setting. Do you do that? Do people around you do that? If yes we have bad news for you: it is definitely a sign of boredom.

4. How they take selfies.

Holding the camera down shows that that person has a positive attitude towards others. Serious people rarely take selfies and share these even more rarely. The duck-face selfies that seem to be quite popular only show that that person is going through a tough time.

5. How they eat.

Those who cut everything on their plate into small pieces look for long-term relationships and are quite organized. However, those who mix everything on their plate usually have a stronger personality and like taking on responsibilities. People who eat off their plate so fast that you don't even recognize it, are good at multitasking and are successful in their professional life. And those who eat slowly know how to live in the moment, enjoy life, and are at peace.

6. The way they talk.

If someone uses the pronoun ''I' often while telling a story, they are very likely to be telling the truth. But if a person uses this word too often, they are probably egocentric. However, those who use the pronoun 'we' often, put their social life in the center of their life. Another interesting piece of information is that the older people get, the more they use future tense compared to past tense while speaking.

7. The way they eat popcorn.

Studies found out that introverted people eat popcorn one piece at a time, in a careful manner; and that contrarily, extroverted people eat a handful. Additionally, although it doesn't sound quite intuitive, those who finish the whole box in one sitting are less selfish and more sensitive to others' needs.

8. How they take their coffee.

It is known that natural leaders usually prefer espresso. However, those who add milk to their coffee are usually indecisive and relaxed. Social and creative people go for a cappuccino, while those who have a specific point of view in life usually just go for black coffee.

9. Where they look.

Let's continue with the coffee example: those who look into their mug while drinking coffee are more thoughtful, concentrated, and are less of a dreamer; people who just drift off and stare in the distance or watch what's going on around are more aware of the world. And lastly, those who close their eyes while drinking coffee are in need of relaxation and are going through a tense or painful stage in their lives.

10. How often they talk about themselves.

We have already mentioned the use of the pronoun I. This point is as important as that one: how often people talk about their own experiences and how often they talk about what they have heard from others. Those who talk about themselves could seem arrogant, but they actually aspire to be approved by those around them. And those who rarely talk about their own memories are more relaxed, observant, and equalitarian.

11. When they become silent.

Simply stopping talking is a reaction we give to whatever is going on around us. It could be a signal of passive-aggressiveness, uneasiness, comfort or frustration. That's why some become silent when they are uncomfortable, some others when they feel relaxed; and some others when the attention is focused on another person.

12. And when they feel happy.

Happiness isn't a state that you can witness only when someone explicitly tells you that they are happy. Some small things people do without realizing it can be a strong indicator that they are happy. Some feel happy only when something good happens to them; some are happy because of their a loved one's happiness; some people when others fail; and some others feel happy when they are flattered. Small involuntary smiles, joking, and higher activity level are signs of happiness.