12 Great Things You Can Do For The Price Of An iPhone


Though it may seem cool to have an iPhone and having all those applications may sound great, it's not so great when you're still paying for the phone and all of a sudden a new version is released. You spend most of your income on an iPhone and miss out on so many great opportunities you can have.

It's not the possessions you have that make you rich, it's what comes from within. You can buy an iPhone and become like millions of other people or you can do something else with the same amount of money and be unique.

You can be an inspiration to everyone and personally taste what it feels like to give and make people happy.

We found out some things that you can do for the price of an iPhone and we hope you find them as great as we did. Hopefully this will be an inspiration to someone out there.

1. Making a reading garden

Things to buy:

  • Bench and tables

  • A green rug

  • Euonymus, packed grass

Things to do:

  • Flatten the earth with a shovel

  • Roll the rug and plant the euonymus

  • Mix the dirt before scattering the grass on it

  • Water it from time to time

2. Building a peace room

Things to buy:

  • Sofa suite 

  • Bookshelves

  • Desk

  • Shelves

Things to do:

  • You can paint the room yourself

  • Make sure you personally build the bookshelves

3. Reading 99% more than the public

  • You can buy 240 books for the price of an iPhone

  • You can read 1000 books by exchanging or renting them

4. Buying coffee for everyone who is reading at a cafe

You can go to a random cafe and buy everybody their coffee for a long while!

5. Being a sponsor to anyone who's reading a book at any cafe

Talk to the cafe owner. When he/she sees a book reader trying to pay the bill, he/she tell that person that the bill's been paid for by a book lover. Believe us that it wouldn't cost the price of an iPhone if you bought coffee for them for a year.

Moreover, if you do this, other book lovers will do it as well and maybe after awhile, every book reader who doesn't have money will be able to go to cafes without worrying.

A price of a phone will change the perspective of a town. And have you ever thought what a town full of people who read books can change? Can't a price of a phone be better spent for society?

6. Sparing 3 months for yourself

If you're working as a freelancer and are able to persuade your clients, you can spare 3 months for yourself. A little coffee, bagels and some peace... what else do you need? Imagine what kind of effect this could have on your life.

7. Reading spot

  • A wing chair

  • Reading lamp

  • Chess

  • Books you love

8. Having your own book

You can have your book published or prepare something to hand out for free for the price of an iPhone.

9. Having classy things in your life

  • Have your books binded

  • Make a collection of great movies

  • Buy a gramophone

  • Start a collection

  • Travel abroad to see a special place

10. Buy an SLR camera

Instead of getting sad when the new iPhone is released, you can buy a Canon 60D and get into professional photography.

It's one of the most loyal hobbies. You can improve as long as you work, and will be encouraged as you improve. You can take great photos and be more creative.

11. Buying a laptop and licenced programs

The Internet is a treasure. You don't need to take a course or pay to learn anything. A good computer and willingness to learn can take you anywhere.

For a price of an iPhone you can buy After Effects for a year, make your own studio at home with a green screen, then shoot movie-like videos.

Of course, there are thousands of alternatives.

12. Getting happy by making others happy

You can buy a coffee machine and make coffees for students, people who read, your friends and people you don't know, and sell them at popular spots for a symbolic amount.

It's not only that; you can also buy meals for 10 people a day for a year. Feed the cats and dogs in the street and even take them to the vet.

We mean...

This is just a beginning.

You can do unbelievable things for the price of an iPhone in a world where improving yourself is free.

Doing one of these will help you have inner peace for years. And if you don't stop, you can do all of these in a couple of years.

Learn for humanity. And to change humanity, start by changing yourself.

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