12 Bad Things About Our Favorite LoTR Characters!


The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) trilogy is so fu*cking good that it makes us want to watch it over and over again. However, every main character has an annoying side. No one is perfect, even if you’re a part of the LOTR!

12. Eowyn - The Lovestruck

She was first hitting on her cousin Theodred, and then Aragorn. She also tried with Faramir later on since the first two didn’t workout.

11. Elrond - The Protective Mom

He tries very hard to separate Arwen and Aragorn in the whole movie even though they seem happy together.

10. Gimli - Grumpy Midget

He constantly complains about sh*t for the entire movie.

9. Boromir - The Favorite Greedy Son

Denethor’s oldest and favorite son. Sean Bean dies in LOTR because of his greediness. This fuc*ing happens to him in every movie he's in.

8. Faramir - Jealous Little Brother

He constantly tries to be like his older brother Boromir. All he wants is his father’s love.

7. Theoden - The Jerk

Theoden almost died from his obsession with the Helm’s Deep. At least we love him since he gave us such incredible war scenes to watch at the end.

6. Arwen - Constantly Depressed

Always in a depressive mood, Arwen sometimes make us hate ourselves. We still love her because......you know......she’s damn hot.

5. Merry & Pippin - Dumb & Dumber

They make us laugh in all three movies, but their silliness almost brings Middle-earth to its end. Still, the scene in which they got taller after drinking the Ent water in the extended version and Isengard storeroom scene are legendary.

4. Aragorn - Crownless King

You’re the king man, why don’t you accept it? Viggo Mortensen almost died during the shooting, but Mr. Aragorn still insists on not being the king.

3. Legolas - The Magnificent

Both men and women watched his war scenes with great admiration. How the f*ck is he so perfect?

2. Samwise - The Man of Loyalty

Let me carry you Mr. Frodo. F*ck me if you want, doesn’t matter Mr. Frodo.

1. Frodo - The Pussy

The most annoying character of the 9 hour trilogy, who’s always about to cry. He's constantly like “I don’t think I can do this.” He's such a b*tch.

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