12 Amazing Facts About Tutankhamun, The Most Famous Pharaoh of All


The life and death of Tutankhamun, better known as “King Tut,” has been one of the most interesting topics in history and archaeology since his tomb was found in 1922. Many popular movies, documentaries and novels were inspired by his life story, and he remains to be the most mysterious pharaoh in every sense. We’ve collected 12 of the most interesting facts about him that you’ve probably haven’t heard.

1. His birth name was Tutankhaton, but he changed it to Tutankhamun later in his life. He was born in 1341 BC, and as he ascended to the throne at a very early age (when he was just nine or ten), he is widely regarded as a “boy king.”

2. Tutankhamun was from the 18th Dynasty, and he became the king by marrying his nine year-old step-sister, Ankhesenamun.

3. During his reign, the country was relatively peaceful. After he died when he was only 18, Aye, who acquired the title of vizier under Tutankhamun’s father Amenhotep IV, married Tutankhamun’s widow, who was then the queen.

4. Here’s a picture drawn by researchers using computerized tomography showing what Tutankhamun looked like.

It’s believed that his clubfoot is a result of the kin marriage. His mother and father were probably siblings.

5. Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.

Carter was an English archeologist and an Egyptologist. He got famous right after he found the tomb, but he had a difficult life, especially in his elder years. The only person who showed up to his funeral was his wife, Lady Evelyn.

6. Image showing Tutankhamun’s tomb

The third room: Entrance

The first and the second rooms: Personal belongings

The fourth room: The grave

The fifth room: Where they kept the treasure

7. The stairways down to Tutankhamun’s grave

8. The room in which the treasure was being kept

9. Personal belongings buried with him

He was the only pharaoh whose grave wasn’t looted.

10. The wall in the room in which the personal belongings were being kept opens to another hidden room.

11. There’s a sealed box in the room and it contains the sarcophagus of the king.

What made Tutankhamun so mysterious and interesting was probably the words written on this sarcophagus: “cursed be he who moves my body. To him shall come fire, water and pestilence.

Many experts argue, however, that this so called “curse” was nothing but a rumor. The discovery of the tomb was a fascinating event back then, and even if who spread the rumor wasn’t the research team, they did play along probably because they wanted to keep the grave robbers or overly enthusiastic press members away from the excavation site.

12. Except for King Tut's mummy, the rest of the findings are being exhibited at the Cairo Museum.

They were exhibited in London in 1972 and later on in the USA.

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