11 Things That Would Possibly Happen If You Stopped Having Sex


Everyone experiences a time in life without sex. What could possibly happen when you stop for a while? 

Consider yourself lucky, because this article has all the answers you need!

1. Your immune system gets weaker.


Sexual intercourse causes the body to produce antibodies. These antibodies protect you from possible epidemics.

2. You'll have hard time holding your pee.


Sex activates your pelvic floor and this helps your body to hold your pee when you need to. There are exercises that could develop the muscles around the pelvic floor, but none of them are as fun as sex, obviously!

3. You might experience a lack of self-confidence.


This situation might occur If you have no control over your sex life. In other words, you might experience some anxiety if you haven't gotten laid or have had a partner for a long time. Try to analyze the reasons behind this on your own. If the problems seem impossible to solve, you might consider consulting a professional.

4. You'll experience increased blood pressure.


Sex helps your body to maintain lower blood pressure.

5. Your stress levels might increase significantly.


People who have regular sex can cope with stress easily compared to ones that don't. Don't worry though, you can reduce your stress levels by sitting down for meditation :)

6. The risks of having a heart attack increases when you stop having sex.


Sex increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure. It can certainly be considered as an exercise. Regular sex lowers the risks of heart attacks and other diseases.

7. You may experience problems when going to sleep.


Your body releases prolactins after having sex. This hormone helps you go to sleep faster.

8. Symptoms of dementia might occur


Sex causes the cells around the memory to regenerate. When sexual intercourse is finished, the regeneration ends. You can increase the amount of memory cells by doing regular exercises.

9. Chances of getting urinary tract infections are considerably lower if you're not having sex!


Good news! Since sex pushes bacteria towards the urinary tract, this eventually increases the risks of having infections!

10. Your next sexual intercourse might be painful.


The anxieties about sex might cause problems during intercourse for women.

11. You might suffer from erectile dysfunction for a while.


It can be said that there is a strong link between regular sex and the ability to have an erection.

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