11 Abandoned Suitcases Revealing The Chilling Lives Of Mental Asylum Patients!

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The New York State Office of Mental Health closed the Willard Psychiatric Center in Willard, NY in 1995, and later it became a state-run drug rehabilitation center for prisoners. One of the employees went through all the buildings to determine what should be salvaged. After unlocking an attic door, she found over 400 suitcases belonging to former patients.

Later the suitcases were exhibited in a museum and then a photographer started this photo project. Below you can see some of the photographer Jon Crispin’s photos. “These objects open a small window into the lives of some of the people who lived at the facility, and I am determined to share them with as many people as possible,” he says...

Source: http://www.willardsuitcases.com/

1. Carrie Lombarts, diagnosed with schizophrenia, spent about 5 years at the Willard Psychiatric Center.


A bottle of glycerine, still corked, along with a paperweight from the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.

Another item from Carrie Lombarts' suitcase.


2. Thelma Robin spent 17 years in the facility.


These were in her suitcase.

3. Dmytre Zhirkov spent almost all of his life seeing hallucinations, and was kept in a cell.


4. Peter Unston is also one of those patients who spent most of his life in a mental hospital and had hobbies during that time.


In the mental hospital where he stayed for about 7 years, Peter made toys with the material that were given to him. He made a car, for example, whose wheels are made of soap…

A piece of paper found in one of his toy cars.


Tooth powder that was found in his suitcase.


5. Josephine transferred to another clinic after spending about 10 years at the Willard Psychiatric Center.


An embroidered comb found in her suitcase.


Her vaseline.


6. Helen was brought to the facility in 1968.


7. A woman named Maude, who spent about 10 years in the hospital, worked on leather for years, and these were the pieces left in her suitcase.


8. A person named John C left these behind after 17 years in the hospital; his dental plate, a tiny wallet, and a book.


9. Carlos' suitcase.


The pieces of a torn newspaper and an angel-themed postcard...


Carlos committed suicide in the mental hospital.

10. Steffan, who spent 50 years in the facility, left a full suitcase...


11. Raymond, a 6-year-old mental patient, spent 62 years at the hospital because he had a serious eating disorder.


Everyone thought that it would be too hard for him to leave the hospital after all those years, so he stayed.

Until the day he committed suicide by hanging himself, leaving a piece of rope behind him...

And toothpaste…

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