10 Ways To Find Out If You're With The Love Of Your Life!


Love is probably one of the most complex thing mankind experiences in his life...You get all these rushing feelings, your heart skips a beat and you can't think of anyone else. But what makes it all so different when you're with "the one...?"

1. You start sharing experiences, sadness and happiness you never shared with anyone else.

All of a sudden, you start sharing secrets, all past experiences, and such, and feel most comfortable doing so. You want to snuggle into her, want her to feel your hair. You don’t care if you're letting your guard down, and letting her see your every aspect.

2. You learn from her and you like that a lot.

You listen to all of her words carefully. Everything she says has a meaning for you. You find out more things, and it makes you happier and happier.

3. You realize what it means to fully trust someone.

You lay all the cards on the table without hesitating. There’s someone in your life you can share everything with now. You don’t act according to a plan anymore. You’re just, you…

4. Your priorities change drastically, even shocking you!

All your priorities are crushed, altered, changed. You change every plan to make room for your love and it’s SO worth it.

5. You have lots of fun together

No long pauses, awkward silences, nothing. You make the best of literally every single moment together. It’s such a joy to be spending time together.

6. You learn to meet half way and make compromises

If you are looking to pick a bone, there can be tons of reasons, But you learn to settle down and meet them half way. You don’t make a big deal of things and learn to sacrifice to make them happier or fulfill their desires.

7. Your long term plans, needs, and aims turn out to be similar

You don’t go just enjoying the moment and forgetting about the rest. You make investments, future plans, and find out you both want same things in life.

8. You never know how long it will last, but it just keeps growing!

While others try and find out how long will their relationship will last, you just experience love as a divine thing that's getting bigger and bigger every day.

9. You learn how important it is to respect each other.

10. You find out you might look different, but feel the same. You complete each other…

You are surprised whenever you think how much you can actually have in common. Your hobbies, fears and all other things are similar. You never think about what to do on a Sunday, because you both want the same thing.

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