10 Good Things That Made Us Overcome The Year 2016!


2016 was a rough year for everyone. We all accept that for a fact. However, even at the worst times, you should be able to focus on the positive side of things. Well, this list is here to help you remind some of the good things that actually happened during 2016!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio has finally got the Oscar he deserved!

2. Portugal won UEFA Euro for the first time in history!

3. Finally, you had some exercise thanks to Pokemon Go!

4. Overwatch has won the best game of the year!

5. Top Gear is back as The Grand Tour!

6. Ramsay Bolton finally died!

7. Giant Pandas are no longer listed as endangered species!

8. There's a new Harry Potter book and movie!

9. World War 3 did not happen!

10. Last but not least, you are alive and you overcome all the bad things happened during 2016!

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