5 Hilarious 'YOU' Memes To Get Us Ready For Season 4

> 5 Hilarious 'YOU' Memes To Get Us Ready For Season 4

Creepy, Funny, Macabre, or Sickeningly Romantic. No matter how you describe one of the best and top rated series in Netflix, YOU, you have to admit that the quirky and deadly couple Joe and Beth, make almost every moment “memeable” (shall we make this a word?)  indeed. 

If you are one of those few who have yet to follow the lives of what could be the most complicated of serial killer couples (are there any that are not?) then I suggest you get your Netflix game in order- you certainly won’t regret it!

For those who have gone through the series, then this is definitely for you. Here’s a dose of witty and funny YOU memes to use in common social media scenarios. 

When you know something they don’t but can’t really say anything yet, or you aren’t really sure about your facts yet but want to seem like you do, know it all.

This meme from Bitchygirlsmeme on Insta can say it all just perfectly.

Best used when: 

-You tell your “friend” that you don’t think her new boyfie is being faithful

-There is a big party coming up

-The latest Harry Styles and Starbucks partnership was nothing more but a publicity stunt.

For that friend who is the NBI equivalent of desktop searching for anything and everything social media related about the guy you are dating or want to date. This meme from the YOuObsession group is definitely for you.

Best used when: 

-You’ve been the go-to social media researcher for friends

-When your friends tell you, he’s not on Instagram 

-When your friend says he’s blocked her on Instagram 

One thing that makes Joe so relatable is that he goes into great lengths to mask or hide his crimes. The series then becomes a whole saga of will he get caught or not. Use this meme if you took a cookie from the jar, but didn’t quite go to great lengths to hide it.

Best used when: 

-You took your roomates last cake slice in the refrigerator and you’ve been caught

-You skipped the line at the club, pub, or even the grocery store 

-You accidentally scratched a car while backing up, and just sped away

This meme has a multitude of uses but more than anything it can best be used to knock some sense into those dating personalities that seem to seek out the most messed up partner. Just scratch child and replace with hot boy or hot girl, and you are set up for supreme meme wittiness.

Best used when: 

-Your best friend who you love to pieces goes after yet another toxic boy, and you can’t seem to get through!

Enough said. 

 This meme speaks to those people who just read deeply into everything you do on social media. A like on a post, isn’t an invitation to ask me out! Or an Insta heart sometimes doesn’t mean anything more.

Best used when: 

-Your friend asks you for the 10th time, about the boy who just clicked like on her post- Does he like me, she asks? Will he ask me out, she asks? 

Stop reading too much into it and take a chill pill.