Having A Baby Soon? Get Ready To Say Goodbye To These 15 Things!

etiket Having A Baby Soon? Get Ready To Say Goodbye To These 15 Things!

Mr. Peppermint
February 17 2016 - 04:32pm Last Update: April 02 2016 - 10:50pm

Being a parent is surely one of the best things you can ever experience. But did you ever consider the things it will completely change in your life? You think it's going to be just another plate at the table? Let’s see what else is on the menu for you!

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1. Your sleep routine

We don’t know if it is accurate to call it a 'routine'  as you probably won't have anything related to sleep or routine for a long while. You will find yourself sleeping at every occasion you find even 10 minute naps on the bus will make you feel lucky. But, don’t worry cause some babies have surprisingly regular sleep cycles. Maybe you are one of those one-in-a-hundred-million lucky couples?

2. Social life

Are you one of those social couples who like going to movies, plays, concerts, or enjoy hanging out with friends on weekends? We've got some bad news for you. You'll have to forget all these  till your child will be grown enough to stay with the grandparents. You can already look for some websites giving advice on how to spend good time with family at home. How about buying a Monopoly?

3. Conversation Topics

Did you notice how the subject of your last conversation changed very quickly from the cold weather to your baby’s first words? Well, don’t be surprised, cause your ability to connect every subject to your baby is improving. The best part is your friends may not be enjoying it as much as you do.

4. Putting your things in order

'The couch cannot stay there; it restricts the playing space”, “Is TV safely mounted on the wall?” “Table corners are dangerous, better to get rid of it”, “Carpets can keep allergens”… Everything you have at home is divided into two categories now: harmful or harmless. No worries; your house is still beautiful with its new minimalistic style. Did you buy locks for drawers?

5. Priorities

All your sentences will start with “little one” right? They come before everything, with their food and their nannies, their diseases, their steps, them, them, them… Well, this is your only priority now, so better get used to it!

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6. Expenses

These shoes are really beautiful but your baby is out of diapers & wipes. You can buy yourself new things only if your clothes burn down because the baby needs new things. Never mind, you can buy these shoes 2-3 months later… Unless the baby needs something new that is...

7. Worries

It was a little easier when you were worried only about yourself right? Now, thinking about someone else’s future and making life plans for your baby can make you more anxious. Don’t worry cause when your baby is 45, you may be a little less worried about them but not completely –only a little.

8. Future plans

You may postpone that Euro trip, World cruise, Everest expedition you always wanted, or visit New Zealand to see Lord of the Rings scenery at another time. New Zealand can always wait.

9. Relations with relatives

It turns out your aunt is living only 2 hours away. How about your uncle? Admit it! You did not even know that you were living in the same city. Now you will have the chance to get to know all your relatives thanks to your baby.

10. Social status

Congratulations! You are no longer just a young married couple you are parents now! Now you will be treated with the respect you deserve: As mother & father. However, your responsibilities also increased 100 times. Enjoy!

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11. First aid kit

It is wiser to add a few new items next to plasters and painkillers in your first aid kit, such as antipyretics, cough medicines, disinfectants, suppository drugs etc.

12. Social media posts

Political posts, memes or vacation photos will be replaced you’re your baby’s photos, videos. Don’t forget to take note of the friends, who liked (or did not like) these posts, so you will reciprocate when they have child.

13. Sexual life

Frankly, it will be more of an interruption or a suspension rather than a change, at least for a while. Even if you can find any time or energy for it, you will keep it as quite as possible just not to wake up your baby. Just so she can sleep in peace, you may always have sex later.

14. Career plans

Some parents (especially women) reconsider their career plans to be with their children as they grow up.

15. But that cute smile is worth everything after all, right?

At the end of the day, it is your baby. Who or what deserves more self-sacrifice in life?

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16. Bonus info for women: Say goodbye to your menstrual pain!

We have some good news as well: Those painful periods you’ve suffered for years will be gone for good. We wish you a painless, stress-free future with your baby!

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