You'll Wish To Be BFFs With Leonardo DiCaprio After Seeing These 15 Photos!


Leonardo DiCaprio is making our hearts melt with his successful acting career. However, he is also a sweetheart in his personal life. Don't believe us? Look at these photos below. You'll probably wanna be best friends with him!😁

1. Sunbathing never seemed this good!

2. He's killing it on the Hoverboard...

3. While he's drinking his coffee delicately...

4. We want to be friends with you, Leo!

5. Mastering his scuba diving skills...


6. He is even cute when he is being sabotaged by Justin Bieber...

7. When I run into someone I don't like on the street!

8. Leo always looks awesome, with or without the beard...

9. When you look this good, you do love to take selfies!

At least this is our assumption!😁

10. It was obvious from the beginning of his career!

11. We would like to ask him why?

12. Darth Vader lost the audition! 😁

13. Showing up at festivals in disguise is Leo's thing!

Which one is Leo? 😁

14. These weird dance moves belong to Leo and no one else!

15. He is not a creative genius with his dance moves, but who cares?!

BONUS: Movies indicate the exact opposite, though!
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