You Are Not Alone: 13 Struggles Of Long-Term Relationships

> You Are Not Alone: 13 Struggles Of Long-Term Relationships

We all have different opinions about being in a relationship. The excitement and passion we experience at the beginning of a relationship fade away over time. Oh, you thought nothing would change? If that is the case, we don't want to smash your dreams, but come on; the facts are on the table. Good luck finding the butterflies that were flying in your stomach during the first two months, some years later. Well, everybody needs some reality checks from time to time. You are at the right place, take a look at what happens over the course of a long relationship:

1. Spontaneous sex doesn't happen after a while. The two parties have to make an appointment first.

It sounds like 'OK, we will have sex after this.' or 'Let's watch two more episodes before we move on to sex.'

2. Nobody picks up the tab to look nice anymore. It goes more like "You just got paid, be a dear and pay up."

WOW! Wasn't that the same dude who said 'It's fine.' with a smile after paying enough to buy a small ship years ago?

3. And you stop watching your onion and garlic intake.

And the solution: 'It won't bother either of us if we both have some onion/garlic.'

4. And everybody's friends get mixed up. Your friends end up seeing your sweetheart more often.

This is one of the rare moments when the sentence 'I am going out' doesn't start an argument.

5. Your partner, who used to pick you up with their car, doesn't come your way anymore because "There is too much traffic" there. Everybody goes to the date location using their own means.

We could have shared the gas money???

6. Nobody cares enough to fart privately, everything is done out in the open.

'This one was a bit more oaky.'

7. It becomes normal to see each other not looking very hot in the mornings right after breaking up. It becomes a challenge of "This is who I really am, deal with it."

Well, nobody is perfect, especially human beings!

8. The ex-girlfriends and boyfriends you used to be jealous of are going to be long forgotten. And in case of a new possible threat, you just go "I don't have time for this, meh."

'I will show him/her if something really happens, it is just too premature to react right now.'

9. You find yourself having lost the sense of time while talking about something that happened in the past. Both parties look at each other trying to figure out "What year was that?"

'Wait, I will remember in a sec, hold on.'

10. When it is just the two of you, you get very crazy ideas, such as "Watching a movie or something."

Ah, those good old days, right?

11. You comfortably spend hours in the toilet, without stressing about "Can she/he tell that I am taking a dump?"

'Go ahead babe, I will just take a quick shower and be on my way.'

12. You also stop worrying about if your partner's family will like you or how horrible his/her mom can be.

They all know you, now that you own their baby. :)

13. You two can talk and gossip for hours, your significant other also becomes your best friend.

If that's not the case, dump their ass.

I wish everyone a happy relationship!

Jessica Gibson

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